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The Best Milhouse Quotes

In many ways, Milhouse is the redheaded stepchild on The Simpsons (even though he has blue hair). Over the years, he's had some seriously funny, interesting, and ridiculous things to say, whether he's the star of the episode or it's a single line, the things he's said have endured as some of the best quotes to come out of the show's 600+ episodes and counting.

From classic lines that are sure to make you do a double-take like "More for me, marrying a cousin worked out great for my parents" to other classic Milhouse one-liners like "Step over this line and say that... I'll kick your butt... at Nintendo," let's take a look at the greatest Milhouse quotes in Simpsons history, ranked by your votes. Which of Milhouse's many memorable quotes made you laugh the most?

Whatever your favorite Milhouse quotes are, vote them up on the list below.

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    Thrill House

    Milhouse: This is great...and all I've done is enter my name! "Thrillhouse."


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    More For Me

    Milhouse: If it's the blue hair and the schnoz you're digging, I've got plenty more cousins.
    Bart: Thanks Milhouse, I think I'm gonna steer clear of Van Houtens for awhile.
    Milhouse: More for me, marrying a cousin worked out great for my parents.

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    God Wore Pants

    Milhouse: Wow! I bet if God wore pants, he'd have a belt like that.

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    Reverse Vampires

    Milhouse: Ahem. OK, here’s what we've got: the Rand Corporation, in conjunction with the saucer people, under the supervision of the reverse vampires, are forcing our parents to go to bed early in a fiendish plot to eliminate the meal of dinner! We’re through the looking glass, here, people.


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