The Best Military Anime of All Time

A common theme among popular action anime is that some kind of military force or army is often the driving force behind the show's story. If you're a fan of these kind of plot lines, then help us vote on this list of the best military anime of all time. Many of the anime on this list revolves around the ranks of an army or military, including Code Geass, Full Metal Panic! and Strike Witches. However some of the shows listed here have a military in them, but don't strictly revolve around it. Full Metal Alchemist, for example, follows Edward Elrich and his journey to find the Philospher's Stone, all while showing him become a dog of the military and dealing with the higher ups that give him orders. The shows on this list include both older and new military anime, so vote for your favorites and watch them rise to the top! If one of your top anime about a military or army is missing, then please add it to the list so others can vote on it too.
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