The Best Milwaukee Bucks of All Time

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A list of the best Milwaukee Bucks of all time. Formed in 1968, the Bucks experienced early success on the account of a coin flip. After their inaugural season, Milwaukee lucked itself into drafting a center who many consider to be the greatest player of all time. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, then Lew Alcindor, was drafted by the Bucks and quickly became the most dominant force in the NBA. With Abdul-Jabbar as the team's center along with Hall of Fame point guard Oscar Robertson, whom the team acquired in a trade with the Cincinnati Royals, the Bucks won their first NBA title in 1971. After several more successful seasons, Abdul-Jabbar forced a trade to Los Angeles and the Bucks haven't been back to the Finals since.

Despite Abdul-Jabbar's departure, the team has had some outstanding players in its history. Sidney Moncrief was one of the best Bucks players of the 1980s and though it took a while for the team to jell, the team's big three of Ray Allen, Glenn Robinson and Sam Cassell led the team to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2001. Though the team fell short, some of the best players in franchise history were on that team. Allen was the team's biggest superstar during that era. Though his trade to Seattle should have devastated the team, in stepped Michael Redd who became one of the best shooting guards in the league and played for the U.S.A. Olympic team before injuries cut his career short. 

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  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
    3,108 votes

    The Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo, has been a revelation since joining the Milwaukee Bucks, revolutionizing the power forward position with his unique blend of size, strength, and ball-handling. What sets Giannis apart is his relentless work ethic and unquenchable desire to improve, as evidenced by his year-over-year growth in nearly every facet of his game. On the court, he's an athletic anomaly that leaves opponents flummoxed, giving the Bucks a legitimate superstar to anchor the franchise for years to come.

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    2,711 votes

    Arguably the most accomplished player in NBA history, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a transcendent talent who redefined the game and became the face of the Milwaukee Bucks franchise during his tenure. Best known for his skyhook, one of the most unstoppable shots in basketball history, Kareem's cerebral approach and six NBA championships have etched his name in the pantheon of the sport's greats. For Milwaukee, his tenure with the team remains the gold standard for individual excellence and team success.

  • Oscar Robertson
    2,191 votes
    Point guard

    Oscar Robertson, aka "The Big O," was a guard ahead of his time, whose versatile skill set and extraordinary court vision made him one of the founding fathers of the modern NBA. As one-half of a dominant duo with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Robertson helped lead the Milwaukee Bucks to their only NBA championship in 1971. His groundbreaking impact on the game and tireless advocacy for player rights have made him a living legend and a vital part of Bucks' history.

  • Ray Allen
    1,909 votes
    Shooting guard

    One of the greatest shooters of all time, Ray Allen's silky-smooth jumper and lethal accuracy made him a fan favorite during his time with the Milwaukee Bucks. With an unflappable demeanor and a clutch gene that helped him sink countless game-winners, Allen and his sweet stroke defined an era for the franchise. Off the court, his professional attitude and unwavering commitment to his craft are qualities that have inspired a generation of young players.

  • Sidney Moncrief
    1,499 votes
    Shooting guard

    Few players epitomize the blue-collar spirit of Milwaukee like Sidney Moncrief, whose tenacious defense and relentless hustle endeared him to fans, teammates, and coaches alike. As the heart and soul of the Bucks during the 80s, Moncrief's all-around game and iron-willed determination helped set the tone for one of the most successful periods in the franchise's history. Although he never captured a championship, his legacy as a consummate pro and defensive stalwart endures to this day.

  • Marques Johnson

    Marques Johnson's blend of power, skill, and athleticism made him a force to be reckoned with during his time in Milwaukee. With a versatile game that included a potent mid-range jumper and the ability to crash the glass, Johnson was a leader for the Bucks both on and off the court. His energetic approach to the game and unselfish attitude helped solidify his status as a fan favorite in Milwaukee.