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The Best 'Minecraft' Channels on YouTube

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A ranked list of the best Minecraft channels on YouTube, as voted on by fans of the channels themselves. Some of these great channels feature live gaming, while others offer tips and techniques for avid Minecraft players. These channels produce some of the funniest and best Minecraft videos on the Internet, so definitely subscribe if you like what you watch on this list. With so many YouTubers creating good Minecraft videos on at least a weekly basis, you're bound to find something you like from at least one of them. These are the top ten and more Minecraft YouTube channels according to views and number of subscribers, but bigger doesn't necessarily mean better since you're voting for your favorite channels in the Minecraft category.

Explore the finer points of Minecraft with channels like SkyDoesMinecraft and Deadlox, or learn how to play collaboratively with the Yogscast crew and their various channels, or watch some Toby Turner classics on TobyGames' Minecraft videos. Featuring the most popular and famous YouTubers that play minecraft, this list is essential for everyone. 

Sure there are some gaming channels on TV, but Minecraft lets plays on YouTube allow for more interactivity, as well as long-form information on various mods, maps, versions, new enemies and cool weapons. Add your favorite YouTuber to the list if they're missing, but only if their channel mostly creates videos about Minecraft.