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The Best 'Minecraft' Channels on YouTube

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A ranked list of the best Minecraft channels on YouTube, as voted on by fans of the channels themselves. Some of these great channels feature live gaming, while others offer tips and techniques for avid Minecraft players. These channels produce some of the funniest and best Minecraft videos on the Internet, so definitely subscribe if you like what you watch on this list. With so many YouTubers creating good Minecraft videos on at least a weekly basis, you're bound to find something you like from at least one of them. These are the top ten and more Minecraft YouTube channels according to views and number of subscribers, but bigger doesn't necessarily mean better since you're voting for your favorite channels in the Minecraft category.

Explore the finer points of Minecraft with channels like SkyDoesMinecraft and Deadlox, or learn how to play collaboratively with the Yogscast crew and their various channels, or watch some Toby Turner classics on TobyGames' Minecraft videos. Featuring the most popular and famous YouTubers that play minecraft, this list is essential for everyone. 

Sure there are some gaming channels on TV, but Minecraft lets plays on YouTube allow for more interactivity, as well as long-form information on various mods, maps, versions, new enemies and cool weapons. Add your favorite YouTuber to the list if they're missing, but only if their channel mostly creates videos about Minecraft.

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    Oliver "Oli" (born December 1, 1995) is an English Minecraft YouTuber who makes tutorial based videos on his channel Mumbo Jumbo. He also has a long-running vanilla survival Let's Play on the YouTube  ...more
  • 2
    Jordan Maron (born February 10, 1992), better known through his online pseudonym CaptainSparklez, is an American YouTube personality whose channel primarily consists of videos of Minecraft let's  ...more
  • 3
    Daniel Robert Middleton (born 8 November 1991), better known through his online pseudonym DanTDM (formerly The Diamond Minecart), is an English YouTube personality and professional gamer. His online  ...more
  • 4
    Patrick Brown (born November 25, 1988) is an American Minecraft gamer who posts battles, Let's Plays, and other Minecraft related videos to his PopularMMOs channel for his loyalbase. He created  ...more
  • 5
    Preston Arsement (born May 4, 1994) is a YouTube gaming phenomenon best known for his channels TBNRfrags and PrestonPlayz in which he frequently posts videos featuring the games Minecraft and Call of  ...more
  • 6
    Joseph Garrett is an English YouTube commentator who posts videos about the game Minecraft as the character Stampy Cat. In 2014, Garrett's was one of the ten most watched YouTube channels in the  ...more
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    Tyler Pappas (born November 6, 1991), better known by his YouTube and social media name Logdotzip, is a Minecraft gamer who plays Minecraft mini-games. He has earned over 2.1 million subscribers to
  • 8
    Ian Stapleton (born December 2, 1988) is a YouTuber best known as SSundee. His channel has more than 8 million subscribers. He created web series called Super Craft Bros and Jail Break. He first  ...more
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    Elizabeth D (born October 7, 1992) is an English YouTube gamer who runs the channel LDShadowLady and is a member of the Pixel Pact. She is well known for her quirky Minecraft series entitled  ...more
  • 11
    David Spencer (born January 29, 1992) is an English YouTube gaming phenomenon known as iBallisticSquid, or Squid, who uploads helpful tutorials, how to builds, and let's plays for the hit game  ...more
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    Saman Rajabian (born February 20, 1997) is a YouTuber who posts Minecraft videos to his channel ExplodingTNT. He initially created his YouTube channel to make videos about exploding statues. He owns  ...more
  • 14
    Jerome Robert Aceti (born March 9, 1994), also known as Fluffy, is a gaming YouTuber known his channel JeromeASF. He is popular for his Minecraft gaming videos.   ...more
  • 15
    Mitch Hughes (born March 3, 1994) is a video game commentator and YouTuber who gained fame as TheBajanCanadian, uploading videos such as Minecraft: Hunger Games. He has more than 6 million  ...more
  • 16
    Vikram Singh Barn (born August 2, 1995, known as Vikkstar123, Vik(k) or a Vindaloo is a British YouTube content creator originally from Sheffield. He is a part of a group of friends called the  ...more
  • 17
    Adam Dahlberg (born January 17, 1993) is a video editor, singer, director, and YouTube sensation originally known as SkyDoesMinecraft for his Minecraft username SkythekidRS. He later created a second  ...more
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    Robert Latsky (born June 28, 1992), also known as Robert Woofless and Mr Woofless, is a Canadian YouTuber known for his YouTube channel MrWoofless, which has earned over 1.8 million subscribers. The
  • 23
    Lachlan Ross Power (born August 25, 1995) is an Australian gamer known for posting Minecraft and Fortnite-related content on his channel CraftBattleDuty, which has earned more than 3.9 million  ...more
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