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The 100 Best 'Minecraft' Mods, Ranked

As one of the most popular games of all time, it's no surprise there are so many Minecraft mods out there. Playing a game where you literally build the entire world around you can only be made better when you add a few fun (and funny) mods to the mix. From basic in-game mods like giving gamers the ability to craft more to ridiculous fun mods like being able to craft your own pizza, you can use a few mods to exponentially change how you play the game. Most of these mods don't actually change how you plan the game; rather, they add a new layer (or a brick, if you will) for which you can use to customize an entirely new experience.

Gamers have made some really amazing mods over the years. And if you thought vanilla Minecraft was amusing, wait until you download a few mods. Take a look at the 100 greatest Minecraft mods ever created and vote up all the coolest mods you've used.

  • 26

    Creator: quat1024

    - use nuggets to craft live chickens
    - get nuggets from chickens you've killed
    - cook nuggets for food, or combine to make new chicken

  • 27

    Creator: BloodNBonesGaming

    - explore custom terains
    - create new worlds
    - create Sky Island worlds

  • 28

    Creator: raintrollstar

    - a ranged weapon that uses the power of the lightning you call form above
    - be careful can easily start fires
    - mod comes with a tool to easily put out the fires you start


  • 29

    Creator: ChaosTheDude

    - similar to Dark Souls, when the player dies all items left with body
    - travel back to the "soul" and kill it to reclaim items
    - Soul will not attack unless you do


  • 30

    Creator: SuperFluke

    - world generato mod
    - create hexagonal biomes
    - allows for Nether Hex biomes as well


  • 31

    Creator: modmuss50

    -single block portal to a 7X7 area
    - build this blank landscape into the world you imagine
    - don't fall off


  • 32

    Creator: solis_nova123

    - adds features to the landscape of the world
    - fallen trees,  rocks, twigs, and seashells
    - Palm trees, massive forests, and redwoods


  • 33

    Creator: iChun

    - alternative boss to the Ender Dragon
    - use obsidion, diamond, and an egg to Spawn the Ender Chicken
    - mod comes with an eve harder boss to defeat: The Chaos Chicken

  • 34

    Creator: TheRandomLabs

    - stores loot in a nearby chest upon death
    - message with chest location 
    - lock for protection from thieves

  • 35

    Creator: ppersonn

    - automatically plants seeds when harvesting
    - cut down entire trees in one chop


  • 36

    Creator: Micmu

    - control hostile and docile mobs
    -  make them follow 
    - use mobs to fight for you
    - use wand to make hostile enemies docile 

  • 37

    Creator: gottsch

    - buried treasure hidden through out the world
    - find and dig up hidden objects
    - chest contain keys to other chests
    - chests contain coins, which you toss into a wishing well for loot


  • 38

    Creator: M4thG33k

    - paper with list of all items you had when died
    - lockable chest containing all contents with visbile marker
    - automatically returned to inventory how it was before death

  • 39

    Creator: Davenonymous

    - grow anytype of tree anywhere you place this pot
    - trees grow from a sapling to a full grown tree
    - customizze tree groth
    - harverst your tree for materials

  • 40

    Creator: XxRexRaptorxX

    - natural and man-made structures to discovery while exploring
    - campsites, houses and gardens hidden throughout the world
    - abandoned boats, chests and ruins


  • 41

    Creator: Wurmatron

    - pair of goggles that let you see ores before mining
    - add-ons to goggles let you breath underwater, speed boost, and DMG reductions
    - presets for different ores and distances


  • 42

    Creator: EuhDawson

    - mod allows you to use a camera in game
    - display you pictures in your home


  • 43

    Creator: kroeser

    - craft chest with multiple capacities 
    - craft with different materials for stronger durability

  • 44

    Creator: LatvianModder

    - barrels that hold one type of item with infinite space
    - use these to store wood or cobblestone taking up too much inventory space


  • 45

    Creator: pentan500

    - new desert based dimension 
    - new creatures
    - hidden ruins

  • 46

    Creator: TheIllusiveC4

    - portable sleeping bag
    - when ready to leave camp, destroy and take with


  • 47

    Creator: UpcraftLP

    - small name icon when aiming at object
    - identify materials and item quickly

  • 48

    Creator: Mrbysco

    - common machine made into slabs
    - chest size cut in have with same capacity
    - slab TNT for half damage

  • 49

    Creator: Flanks255

    -new modern lighting features
    -Illuminant block, Edge lights, and slab lights added
    - also a simple lightbulb

  • 50

    Creator: skyjay1

    - easy portable home unit
    - plenty of room for normal Minecraft amenities
    - easy pack up and go for your next spot