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The 100 Best 'Minecraft' Mods, Ranked

As one of the most popular games of all time, it's no surprise there are so many Minecraft mods out there. Playing a game where you literally build the entire world around you can only be made better when you add a few fun (and funny) mods to the mix. From basic in-game mods like giving gamers the ability to craft more to ridiculous fun mods like being able to craft your own pizza, you can use a few mods to exponentially change how you play the game. Most of these mods don't actually change how you plan the game; rather, they add a new layer (or a brick, if you will) for which you can use to customize an entirely new experience.

Gamers have made some really amazing mods over the years. And if you thought vanilla Minecraft was amusing, wait until you download a few mods. Take a look at the 100 greatest Minecraft mods ever created and vote up all the coolest mods you've used.

  • 1

    Creator: Benimatic

    - new realm added
    - similarly reached like the Nether
    - night forest with giant tree and mushrooms


  • 2

    Creator: PlayerInDistress

    - resembles a Mario question block
    - once broken may release anything: good or bad
    - useful items to hordes or enemies


  • 3

    Creator: Johni0702

    - allows for easier portal creation
    - now with no loading screens
    - can be made on water or land
    - can make massive or small portals


  • 4

    Creator: HyCraftHD

    - three new tiers of backpacks
    - like carrying extra storage with you
    - craft any color backpack


  • 5

    Creator: Nuchaz

    - more aesthetically pleasing storage customization
    - display weapons and tools
    - display maps on walls or tables


  • 6

    Creator: jglrxavpok

    - boats can now be used for transporting goods
    - place point on map for boats to travel back an forth
    - tether boats together for more storage


  • 7

    Creator: TrazorMC

    - allows previously un-craftable items to be crafted
    -  like music discs, horse armor and saddles
    -  craft natural blocks like grass, gravel and mycelium


  • 8

    Creator: Alexiy

    - extra info on most blocks
    - durability and enchantability displayed
    - displays ingredient’s primary uses


  • 9

    Creator: nanorover59

    - space travel mod
    - craft anything into a ship to survive in space
    - include space suit and oxegnt tanks for exploring the moon


  • 10

    Creator: McJty

    - world generator with post apocalyptic cities
    - animals roam free with no humans in sight
    - cities, under water or forest worlds


  • 11

    Creator: RaphiiWarren

    - farm without water
    - fertilize dirt
    - just wait for your plants to grow with no water


  • 12

    Creator: romelo333

    - craft a wands that helps with building
    - swapping wand, building wand, and same wand

  • 13

    Creator: jabelar

    - carry glow light sources with you
    - explore dark areas by carrying a tourch with you
    -  different object produce different amounts of light

  • 14

    Creator: gigaherz

    - Condenses your inventory slots for tools into a belt you carry or wear with the Baubles mod
    - Standard belt adds two extra slots that can be triggered by holding down the R key
    - Can add up to nine slots by combining the belt with belt pouches on an anvil
    - Handy for swapping bows and swords when an enemy is near


  • 15

    Creator: Alexiy

    - add to the expiernce of Minecraft
    - clear large areas using fire with The Igniter
    - drain large bodies of water with The Drainer
    - much more additions to make Minecraft more pleasent


  • 16

    Creator: WildBamaBoy

    - turns Minecraft into an RPG
    - interact with NPCs
    - build relationships, good or bad
    - has Hardcore mode

  • 17

    Creator: Tiviacz1337

    - make pizza in Minecraft!
    - includes dough, cheese, and toppings
    - delivery outfit included

  • 18

    Creator: MoonFather

    - adds a goldfish to Minecraft
    - tossing back goldfish grants you luck
    - luck is stackable and helps find more loot


  • 19

    Creator: Shadowclaimer

    - craft a sandscape portal, throw a scarab in, get sent to a new dimension
    - barren landscape with ruins and locations to explore
    - pyramids with mummies and treasures to find


  • 20

    Creator: AndrDneehtfoerusaer

    - able to craft a Gargoyle that protects your home
    - gargoyles have different powers depending on mineral used to build
    - some gargoyles can attack a few enemies while some attacks hordes


  • 21

    Creator: TheCodeWarrior

    - grappling hooks!
    - different materials offer different grappling hooks

  • 22

    Creator: Vadis365

    - allows to craft stairs out of previously omitted materials
    - End Stone, Prismarine, Concrete and even Wood
    - moss can be crafted into blocks


  • 23

    Creator: Marnic

    - capture animals with your net
    - allows for storage in inventory
    - NPCs and enemies can be captured as well


  • 24

    Creator: csb987

    - Halloween Mod
    - added mobs for the season
    - even added candy!

  • 25

    Creator: Kreezxil

    - underground is more explorable now
    - new blocks underground to make building specific things easier without heading up