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The 100 Best 'Minecraft' Mods, Ranked

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  • 1

    Creator: PlayerInDistress

    - resembles a Mario question block
    - once broken may release anything: good or bad
    - useful items to hordes or enemies


  • 2

    Creator: Benimatic

    - new realm added
    - similarly reached like the Nether
    - night forest with giant tree and mushrooms


  • 3

    Creator: HyCraftHD

    - three new tiers of backpacks
    - like carrying extra storage with you
    - craft any color backpack


  • 4

    Creator: Nuchaz

    - more aesthetically pleasing storage customization
    - display weapons and tools
    - display maps on walls or tables


  • 5

    Creator: Johni0702

    - allows for easier portal creation
    - now with no loading screens
    - can be made on water or land
    - can make massive or small portals


  • 6

    Creator: jglrxavpok

    - boats can now be used for transporting goods
    - place point on map for boats to travel back an forth
    - tether boats together for more storage


  • 7

    Creator: TrazorMC

    - allows previously un-craftable items to be crafted
    -  like music discs, horse armor and saddles
    -  craft natural blocks like grass, gravel and mycelium


  • 8

    Creator: nanorover59

    - space travel mod
    - craft anything into a ship to survive in space
    - include space suit and oxegnt tanks for exploring the moon


  • 9

    Creator: McJty

    - world generator with post apocalyptic cities
    - animals roam free with no humans in sight
    - cities, under water or forest worlds


  • 10

    Creator: Alexiy

    - extra info on most blocks
    - durability and enchantability displayed
    - displays ingredient’s primary uses


  • 11

    Creator: RaphiiWarren

    - farm without water
    - fertilize dirt
    - just wait for your plants to grow with no water


  • 12

    Creator: Alexiy

    - add to the expiernce of Minecraft
    - clear large areas using fire with The Igniter
    - drain large bodies of water with The Drainer
    - much more additions to make Minecraft more pleasent


  • 13

    Creator: romelo333

    - craft a wands that helps with building
    - swapping wand, building wand, and same wand

  • 14

    Creator: Tiviacz1337

    - make pizza in Minecraft!
    - includes dough, cheese, and toppings
    - delivery outfit included

  • 15

    Creator: Shadowclaimer

    - craft a sandscape portal, throw a scarab in, get sent to a new dimension
    - barren landscape with ruins and locations to explore
    - pyramids with mummies and treasures to find


  • 16

    Creator: jabelar

    - carry glow light sources with you
    - explore dark areas by carrying a tourch with you
    -  different object produce different amounts of light

  • 17

    Creator: MoonFather

    - adds a goldfish to Minecraft
    - tossing back goldfish grants you luck
    - luck is stackable and helps find more loot


  • 18

    Creator: gigaherz

    - Condenses your inventory slots for tools into a belt you carry or wear with the Baubles mod
    - Standard belt adds two extra slots that can be triggered by holding down the R key
    - Can add up to nine slots by combining the belt with belt pouches on an anvil
    - Handy for swapping bows and swords when an enemy is near


  • 19

    Creator: AndrDneehtfoerusaer

    - able to craft a Gargoyle that protects your home
    - gargoyles have different powers depending on mineral used to build
    - some gargoyles can attack a few enemies while some attacks hordes


  • 20

    Creator: WildBamaBoy

    - turns Minecraft into an RPG
    - interact with NPCs
    - build relationships, good or bad
    - has Hardcore mode

  • 21

    Creator: csb987

    - Halloween Mod
    - added mobs for the season
    - even added candy!

  • 22

    Creator: Vadis365

    - allows to craft stairs out of previously omitted materials
    - End Stone, Prismarine, Concrete and even Wood
    - moss can be crafted into blocks


  • 23

    Creator: TheCodeWarrior

    - grappling hooks!
    - different materials offer different grappling hooks

  • 24

    Creator: Marnic

    - capture animals with your net
    - allows for storage in inventory
    - NPCs and enemies can be captured as well


  • 25

    Creator: BloodNBonesGaming

    - explore custom terains
    - create new worlds
    - create Sky Island worlds