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The Best 'Minecraft' Parody Songs, Ranked

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Minecraft has proven itself to be one of the most popular video games of all-time. Ever since its release in 2011, it has amassed millions of fans who regularly log in to add upon the world. Players can enjoy a creative mode where they have unlimited resources to build whatever they have in their imagination. Of course, the game also has a survival mode where you have to collect resources to try to retain your health levels. The game has inspired people to pursue all of their interests in earnest. For players who have some musical talent, the game has inspired countless songs. With this list, it's up to you to vote up the best Minecraft parody songs ever. 

What song do you listen to as you build kingdoms and stockpile weapons? Do you like playing something from MC Jams who has made numerous Minecraft songs over the years? Or do you prefer the musical stylings of TryHardNinja, Brad Knauber, or Abtmelody? No one could've guessed all those years ago that when a simple game came out, it would inspire millions around the globe. This is your chance to show your appreciation for Minecraft by voting for the top Minecraft song videos. Which one do you think reigns supreme?