The Best New Limited Series of 2019

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Only limited run television series that premiered their first season in 2019.

UPDATED: Check out the Best New Limited Series of 2020!

There's nothing limiting about a television limited series, especially in 2019. With the flexibility of streaming services and the eagerness of traditional television channels to experiment, what we once called miniseries are refreshed and booming, bringing some of the best shows in 2019.

From documentary miniseries like Surviving R. Kelly to dramas with a defined beginning and end - such as I Am The Night and Unbelievable - there's something surprisingly freeing about knowing a TV show only has so many episodes. In these days of bingeing Netflix, it can be nice to know there's an end in sight and there won't be another season coming some to-be-announced time in the future. Though some limited series are parts of stories that can be continued in other, new miniseries.

Whether you call them "limited series" or the old-fashioned "miniseries," the options available in 2019 are some of the best yet. Vote up the best series with a limited run of episodes that are airing for the first time in 2019. Then, check out the new miniseries of 2020.

Photo: Wu-Tang: An American Saga / Hulu
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