The Best New Limited Series Of 2021

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UPDATED: Check out The Best Miniseries of 2022!

The best limited series offered a freedom of knowing a TV show has only so many episodes and the best miniseries of 2021 may be short but delivered big stories. From new documentary miniseries and limited series dramas, the new TV miniseries that premiered in 2021 were the ideal addition to your watchlist, to break up those binges.

Whether you want to learn something from a new docuseries or get caught up in a drama, 2021 miniseries have something for you. The Netflix miniseries Surviving Death looks into post-life paranormal stories, from reincarnation to near-death experiences. For true crime fans, there's a range of limited series available; Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer is a documentary miniseries with first-person interviews, archival footage supplementing dramatic reenactments, while The Investigation is a fully a drama, but one based on a true crime. If historical miniseries are your preference, Masterpiece Classic on PBS is bringing the BBC’s Long Song, set in early 19th century colonial Jamaica.

Whether you call them "limited series" or the old-fashioned "miniseries," the options available in 2021 were some of the best yet. Vote up the 2021 best new limited series!