The Best New Limited Series Of 2022

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The most memorable miniseries may be short but they still have big ambitions, and the best miniseries shows of 2022 know how to pack a lot of story into a handful of episodes. From biopics to perfectly proportioned dramas, with only one season these limited series are some of the best shows in 2022.

Two of the biographical miniseries arriving in early 2022 are as far on from each other on the scale of story style as can be. The Hulu miniseries Pam & Tommy is a biographical comedy-drama and focuses on the marriage of the it couple of the late 1990s. The historical drama Women of the Movement focuses on the civil rights and justice work of Mamie Till-Mobley. Not all 2022 miniseries are biographical dramas; limited series like The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey and That Dirty Black Bag are deft stories that wring every bit of drama they can out of their short run of episodes.

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