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The Best Musical Artists From Minnesota

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List RulesOnly artists born or raised in Minnesota or bands formed in Minnesota.

Here are the best artists and bands from Minnesota. Although the state is known for its cold climate, all the talent that has come out of the Land of 10,000 Lakes makes Minnesota look red hot. Plenty of Minnesota musical artists have made names for themselves around the world, while others are local favorites that play to Minnesotans all the time. 

Prince, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, was born in Minneapolis. He went through many names over the last few decades, but the quality of his music always remained consistently high. A lot of other great acts were born or raised in Minnesota. Hip hop acts like Brother Ali got their start here as well as rock bands like Soul Asylum and The Replacements. Minneapolis is a wonderfully diverse city, so it is no surprise to see a diverse range of artists have come out of it. 

As you read through this list of Minnesota musical artists, you may be surprised to see some of your favorites coming out of the North Star State. Vote up the best Minnesota artists, and feel free to add any other musicians, rappers, singers, and bands with Minnesota roots.

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List Rules: Only artists born or raised in Minnesota or bands formed in Minnesota.