The Best Minnesota Timberwolves of All Time

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Who are the best Minnesota Timberwolves of all time? Formed in 1989, the Timberwolves have been unlucky for most of its existence. The team has missed out on some of the best players in NBA history due to the lottery balls not bouncing their way. Even though the Wolves missed out on all time greats, they also had one in Kevin Garnett, the league MVP in 2003-04. Garnett has almost every record in Minnesota history, but he was only able to lead the team to the Western Conference Finals once. Garnett led the team during its best years. He played with other T'Wolves greats like Wally Szczerbiak, Sam Cassell and the mercurial Latrell Sprewell. Other all stars who played with the team during this period were Stephon Marbury and Tom Gugliotta.

After Garnett was traded to Boston in the 2007 offseason, it has taken the team years to recover from that deal. The key player from that deal was Al Jefferson, who next to Garnett, is one of the best players in Minnesota history. The aftermath of that trade enabled the Wolves to draft Kevin Love, who is one of the best current NBA players. A multi-dimensional threat, Love was one of the few power forwards who could average a double-double and shoot from long range. These days, the Minnesota T-Wolves are led by former #1 overall picks Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards.

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