20 Minor ‘One Piece’ Characters We Desperately Want To See More Of

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The world of One Piece is an expansive and complex one with tons of fascinating characters in it. Everyone loves the One Piece protagonists, but sometimes the characters we really want to see in action are the minor ones.

Let's give some shine to some of the best minor characters in the series who fans want to see more of. From early characters like Zeff and Gin to later additions like Camie and Perona, there are a ton of amazing side characters deserving of attention. It's impossible to tell you about all of them, but hopefully a few of your favorites are included!


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    Most of Luffy's allies respect him, but Bartolomeo's obsession with him is on another level. Watching him expend so much fannish energy on Luffy is hilarious, so we want to see more of him just for that.

    His defense-oriented Devil Fruit is pretty darn cool, too.

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    Usopp's father Yasopp shows up from time to time, but not with enough frequency or detail. We want to see him both because it'd be cool to see some development on his relationship with his son, and because he's part of the Red Hair Pirates, an important pirate crew that doesn't get the attention it deserves.

    Also, according to the data books, he had some kind of conflict with Vista - it'd be nice to know what that's all about.

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    After Sanji escaped from his cruel family, he ended up trapped on an island with Zeff. Zeff pretended not to care much about Sanji's survival, but he gave him all the food they had, and ate his own leg to survive. That alone is absurdly kind, but it doesn't stop there. He raised Sanji into adulthood and provided him with a profession. He wasn't friendly, but he gave him what he needed.

    We get to see him a few times after the Baratie arc, but it'd be great to see him even more.

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    Perona was one of Gecko Moria's lackeys during the Thriller Bark Saga. Her sense of style is unique and cute, and her childish attitude can be charming. Her ability to create ghosts that influence people's emotions is cool as heck.

    It's also hard not to admire her loyalty to Gecko Moria, even if the things he's trying to accomplish aren't admirable themselves.

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    Curly Dadan

    Curly Dadan is the closest thing that Luffy has to a mother. Though reluctant to take him in at first due to her duties as the leader of a group of bandits and the fact that she was already up to her neck with problems raising Ace, she agreed to do it. She ended up caring a great deal about Luffy, and vowed to support him no matter what.

    Luffy has plenty of adventuring to do, but it'd be nice to see him spend more time with his mother, too.  

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    Johnny And Yosaku

    Johnny and Yosaku are bounty hunters who once worked with Zoro and who now occasionally pop up to help out the Straw Hats as needed.

    They're both happy-go-lucky guys who might not be particularly strong, but they always improve the mood wherever they go.