The Best Misfits Songs of All Time

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List of the top Misfits songs, as voted on by fans like you. In the late '70s and early '80s New Jersey's Misfits provided an entertainingly demented corrective to punk's self-serious politics and rage. Driven by Glenn Danzig's love of B-movie horror, Elvis impersonator croon and unerring ear for hooks, Misfits doled out lo-fi, no frills punk classics like "Teenagers from Mars" and "Ghouls Night Out." But to dismiss them as a novelty punk act is to overlook the tongue in cheek brilliance of a song called Braineaters who's only words are "Brains for dinner. Brains for lunch. Brains for breakfast. Brains for brunch. Why can't we have some guts?!"  This list has practically the entire Misfits catalog from All Hell Breaks Loose to Where Eagles Dare because frankly there isn't a dud in the bunch. Yes, there were Misfits albums released after mastermind Danzig left the band but we've only included a few to start - but feel free to add more. If you disagree with that or simply feel we've gotten our list mixed up, add or reorder the songs then simply click the "Rerank List" button and put the songs in whatever order you like. WE ARE 138!!!!!!!!!!
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