The Best Major League Baseball Players Of 2023



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The MLB has some of the biggest, best, and brightest stars in the history of the sport all playing the game right now, and fans of the best 2023 MLB players are living the life of luxury getting to see some of the best baseball players of all time all going head to head every single day. 2023 Major League Baseball Players and their respective positions are stacked with talent and promise, as fans are able to see some of the most explosive pitchers, talented outfielders, and show-stopping short stops night in and night out. With record-shattering performances, legends being made every day, and some of the greatest individual seasons of all time coming in 2022, fans can expect even better in 2023. The 2023 season is bringing some of the best MLB players to ever play the game, and with so much talent throughout the league, that of course garners the question, who is the best major league baseball player of 2023?

Baseball players like Aaron Judge and Shohei Ohtani are redefining what it means to be a baseball player, breaking molds and records left and right and changing the game as we know it, while players like Manny Machado and Freddie Freeman are perfecting the game it has been played for over one hundred years. Then we have the young up-and-comers like Fernando Tatis Jr. and Juan Soto looking to firmly establish themselves as the best in the game, and of course the grizzled vets like Justin Verlander and Bryce Harper showing the MLB world they still have what it takes to be the best players in all of baseball. Not to mention stars on the defending champion Houston Astros like Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, and Kyle Tucker.

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  • Shohei Ohtani
    Photo: @elitedingers / Twitter

    A generational talent, one of the greatest players the league has ever seen, and revolutionizing the game as we know it, Shohei Ohtani is one of the biggest and best baseball players the world has ever known. Putting up 160 hits with 34 home runs and 90 runs scored total, plus pitching at a masterful 15 and 9 win-loss record with a 2.33 ERA, Ohtani is the total and complete package when it comes to a baseball player. A member of both the First and Second All-MLB team and runner-up for American League MVP, Ohtani has vowed to come back in the 2023 season with a vengeance, and finally lead his team deep into the playoffs.

    • Birthplace: Mizusawa, Iwate
    • Nationality: Japanese
    • Team: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
    • Position: Pitcher / Designated hitter / Outfielder
  • Mike Trout
    Photo: @miketrout / Instagram

    Time has aged legendary Los Angeles Angel Mike Trout like a fine wine. With each passing season, the bombastic centerfielder manages to get better and better. Putting up some of the best stats of the last 3 years of his career, Trout managed to get 124 hits with 40 home runs, 85 runs scored and 80 RBI's on an impressive .283 batting average. Finishing the season on the All-MLB First Team and getting yet another Silver Slugger for his work with the team, Trout and fellow superstar Shohei Ohtani have their eyes set on one thing heading into the 2023 season, postseason success!

    • Birthplace: Vineland, New Jersey
    • Nationality: American
    • Team: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
    • Position: Center Fielder
  • Aaron Judge
    Photo: @thejudge44 / Instagram

    Aaron Judge

    Saying Aaron Judge had one of the greatest seasons in MLB history during the 2022 season would be a massive understatement. In the massive gaping shadow of all time greats like Roger Maris and Babe Ruth, Judge turned in the performance of a lifetime, breaking the all-time home runs record with a jaw-dropping 62 home runs, scoring a career-best 133 runs and allowing a league-best 131 RBIs during the regular season. On top of all these ridiculous statistical achievements, Judge easily made All-MLB first team, won his 3rd Silver Slugger award, was the American League MVP and Players Choice Player of the year, and is widely regarded as the best player in all of baseball. 

    • Birthplace: Linden, California
    • Nationality: American
    • Team: New York Yankees
    • Position: Outfielder
  • Sandy Alcántara
    Photo: @sandyalcantaramph / Instagram

    During the 2022 MLB season, Sandy Alcantara rapidly and firmly inserted himself into the discussion for best pitcher in the league. Helping lead the Miami Marlins to a 14 and 9 record when he was on the mound, Alcantara pitched a wonderful 2.28 ERA, easily helping him on his way to winning a unanimous NL Cy Young Award. Alcantara shocked the world, and his talent and arm only look to be getting better, as he led the Majors in innings with 228 and two-thirds picked and completing 6 games, more than any other team this entire season.

    • Birthplace: San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic
    • Nationality: Dominican
    • Team: Miami Marlins
    • Position: Pitcher
  • José Ramírez
    Photo: @MLBONFOX / Twitter

    Over the last 6 years of his star-studded career, Jose Ramirez has firmly cemented himself as one of the best Third Basemen in all of baseball, and a key piece in the Cleveland Guardians rotation. Ramirez had one of the best seasons of his career in 2022, putting up 168 hits with 29 home runs and a .280 batting average. Ramirez won his fourth Silver Slugger and even managed to place 4th in American League MVP voting. With a stellar offseason, the Guardians are looking to be one of the teams to be in the MLB, and if Ramirez can simply continue his phenomenal production, the team should quickly become a World Series favorite.

    • Birthplace: Baní, Dominican Republic
    • Nationality: Dominican
    • Team: Cleveland Guardians
    • Position: Third Baseman
  • Mookie Betts
    Photo: Los Angeles Dodgers / Instagram

    Mookie Betts

    Mookie Betts continues to elevate and exceed any and all expectations every year of his prestigious career, and the 2022 season was no exception. Betts had one of the best seasons of his career on both sides of the ball, and helped lead the Dodgers to their best record in franchise history with a 111-51 win-loss record. Betts also managed to snap both the Golden Glove and Silver Slugger, and finish in 5th in MVP voting, right behind his teammate Freddie Freeman. While the Dodgers ultimately flamed out during the post-season, there is no doubt that Betts and the team is going to be coming back for revenge during the 2023 season, so all eyes should be on Betts to be in MVP form yet again.

    • Birthplace: Smyrna, Tennessee
    • Nationality: American
    • Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
    • Position: Outfielder