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The Best MLB Rookies of 2014

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Who is the best MLB rookie of 2014? This list includes first year players of all positions and backgrounds, from both the American and National League. These great rookies have developed their skills, impressed the scouts, and now look to put them to use for a Major League Baseball team. This list has been ranked by baseball fans with the best Major League rookies in baseball for 2014.

Major League Baseball is America’s pastime and from its pastoral beginnings, through to its professional urban setting today, it has always captured the imaginations and hearts of fans. Baseball is a game many Americans played as a kid, and for that reason always it holds a special place in the American zeitgeist. Opening day each spring is something many baseball fans count down to all year long.

The rookies on this list include Billy Hamilton, Xander Bogaerts, Taijuan Walker, and Masahiro Tanaka. The best rookies in Major League baseball are all supremely talented and eager to prove themselves this year as major league ready. Through 162 games these best rookies will attempt to make the most of their opportunity and help their teams jockey for post-season position.

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