The Best MMA Fighters Of All Time

Who are the best MMA fighters of all time? The greatest MMA legends of all time are all here on this list. Some of the best MMA fighters have come up from nothing more than street scrappers to become the best fighters in the world. With intense training and tremendous mental and physical focus, these famous men have earned the title of greatest MMA legend. Some of the men on the list of the top MMA legends are new to the sport and have come up through the UFC organization, while others can be considered MMA pioneers. So, who is the best MMA fighter of all time? Which MMA legends do you love?

Some MMA and UFC legends, like Chuck Liddell, have become pop culture icons and UFC legends while a fighter like Royce Gracie is considered to be one the toughest MMA fighters to have entered the octagon. All these factors- the toughest MMA fighter, the best grappler in the MMA, the best conditioned MMA fighter- come together to determine what makes the best MMA fighter and who can truly be called the greatest MMA legend of all time.

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