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The Most Hilarious Mob Comedy Movies

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The greatest mob comedy movies do something very unusual -- they make us laugh at a subject that, in real life, isn't particularly funny. After all, the mob is famous for crimes and violence. Finding humor in such dark subject matter takes genuine skill. The most hilarious mafia movies pull it off. In some cases, they do so by spoofing or being a parody of more serious gangster movies. Other times, they mine laughs from exaggerating the personalities of mobster characters. Many of the funniest examples, like Analyze This, focus more on individuals who find themselves unexpectedly encountering the mafia.

You'll find some famous actors on this list like Robert De Niro, Dean Martin, and Michelle Pfeiffer. So here is an offer you can't refuse, vote up the best mob comedy movies below. If there's a top mob comedy film that isn't included on the list, please add it so that other users can rate it.