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The Best Mob Psycho 100 Anime Quotes

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There are very few anime series out there whose art style and storyline are simultaneously unique with a combination of humor and incredibly dark topics. Mob has quickly become everyone's favorite esper as his amazing psychic abilities continue to break boundary after boundary each episode. Tied to his emotions, it's incredibly important that Mob almost always keep himself under control, for the safety of both himself and others, but that can be hard when so many horrible things seem to always be happening around him. 

Mob Psycho 100 has some of the best quotes to come out of an anime with some of them certainly being very random. For example, when a worried client comes in with a spirit issue, Mob's master, Reigen, declares that the issue has come from adult sites! "Yes! The curse that is on your shoulder is a terrible one-click curse!" he exclaims, worrying the client even more. There are also more serious moments, such as the times when Mob's powers get out of control. "They came out upon your request. These are my emotions. This is what happens if I let them show." Mob says when he loses control of himself, reaching 100% of his power. 

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    Huh? I'm Nobody...

    Boss: Wh-Who are you? 

    Mob: Huh? I'm nobody... 

    Reigen: You idiot! You're Mob, the student... of Reigen Arataka, the new star of the paranormal world! 

    Mob: Oh, right. 

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      The Reason Is Porn Sites!

      Reigen: The reason is porn sites! 

      Customer: Porn sites...?

      Reigen: Yes! The curse that is on your shoulder is a terrible one-click curse! 

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        I'd Rather Try To Escape

        "If I'm going to be shackled by fear and brainwashed, I'd rather try to escape, even if it means I could die." 

        - Ritsu

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          You Are Missing Out On Life!

          Dimple: W-Wait! Do you plan to live the rest of your life with that face? You are missing out on life! 

          Mob: My dad said that "people who've never smoked before are missing out on half of their lives." It made me realize that everyone has a different idea of "missing out." 

          Dimple: *Thinking* That's not what I'm talking about. 

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