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12 Epic Mobile Battle Royale Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

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As far as mobile genres go, it doesn't get much better than battle royales. While FPS and strategy games can be a pain to play on your phone, the simplistic controls of most battle royale games translate pretty seamlessly on mobile, meaning you don't really need to worry about awkward camera angles or slow-moving graphics. Sure, Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are the two undisputed kings of the mobile battle royale arena (and for good reason), but there are tons — probably more than you think — of great battle royale games for Android and iOS that are just waiting to be played.

Battle royale games have really started to take over the gaming world in recent years, with tons of new titles and copycats sprouting up every few months. That's why we've rounded up the top 12 most popular battle royale mobile games right now. Whether you're looking for a frantic all-out brawl, quick and easy matches, or are looking for a few great classics, you can't go wrong with a solid battle royale game. 

Some you may have heard of, while others might be completely new. Either way, vote up all the best battle royale mobile games you can download (for free) right now. 

  • PUBG Mobile
    Photo: Tencent Games

    Google Play: 4.3 | App Store: 3.0 

    One could argue that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (or PUBG for short) was the game that started the whole battle royale frenzy in 2017. This hyper-realistic (and extremely fun) title exploded on Twitch and suddenly millions of players were playing the game every day. In the game, you can choose to either fight on your own or with a squad as you try to be the last team standing in a 100-player battle royale. 

    • Release: 2018
    • Developer: Tencent Games
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  • Fortnite
    Photo: Epic Games

    Google Play: 3.5 | App Store: 4.6

    Over the past few years, Fortnite has become one of the most popular video games in history. You can drop into a game alone or in a squad of up to four players. You will then fight in a 100-player battle royale to be the last team or player standing. While that's all well and nice, the main feature that separates Fortnite from other battle royale games is the building. While you collect your weaponry, you will also collect building materials. You can use these materials during fights to give yourself cover and advantages. 

    • Release: 2017
    • Developer: Epic Games
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    Garena Free Fire

    Garena Free Fire
    Photo: 111dots Studio

    Google Play: 4.3 | App Store: 4.2

    Although it doesn't have the brand recognition of PUBG or Fortnite, Garena Free Fire is still one of the most popular battle royale games currently available on mobile. Unlike traditional royales, the matches in Garena are shorter because there are only 50 players a match. This is much friendlier for the mobile experience overall because most people are looking for quick games when they play on mobile. 

    • Release: 2017
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    Black Survival

    Black Survival
    Photo: Archbears

    Google Play: 4.1 | App Store: 4.6

    Black Survival is one of the most interesting battle royale games to ever hit the mobile world. You don't shoot players to kill them. Instead, when you encounter a player, the player with the better stats and reflexes will reign supreme. Additionally, the play zone doesn't actually close over time, but rather the environment becomes more and more dangerous. This essentially means you can stay near the outskirts of the map if you like, but you will probably be taken out by the environment instead of a player. This game is as much about surviving the environment as it is about battling other players. There are only 10 players in each match, so encounters are few and far between. 

    • Release: 2016
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