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The 12 Best Mobile Shooting Games You Can Play Right Now

April 21, 2020 192 votes 55 voters12 items

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Gaming at home is pretty great, but can sometimes be cumbersome when you're tethered to your console or PC. While these platforms are usually how we prefer to play shooters, some surprising good mobile FPS games have been released in recent years, so you can now play your favorite genre on the go. Whether it's a sci-fi adventure, a zombie shoot-a-thon (which are always great), or a heart-pumping sniper challenge, these games are sure to satisfy your gaming needs, all from your own mobile device.

What are your favorite FPS games for Android and iOS? From classic mobile FPS ports like Call of Duty and PUBG to awesome sniper games like Clear Vision 3 and Sniper Fury, check out all the best mobile shooting games and vote your favorites up to the top. That way other gamers can see which titles are worth downloading, and which are worth avoiding altogether.

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    Call of Duty: Mobile

    Call of Duty: Mobile
    Photo: Activision

    Price: Free

    Released: 2019

    Take one of the most well-loved shooters of all time on the go with Call of Duty: Mobile. In making a mobile version, developers aimed to create an experience that was as similar to the console version as possible, and that goal was more or less achieved. Not only can you play classic game modes like multiplayer and a single-player campaign, there's also a zombie mode that was introduced after the game had been out for a while, bringing one of many COD fans' favorite game modes to mobile devices everywhere.

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  • PUBG Mobile
    Photo: Tencent Games

    Price: Free

    Released: 2017

    The battle royale that started it all -- while some gamers like the flashy updates and premium content games like Fortnite have to offer, traditionalists prefer the minimal, toned-down nature of PUBG. Without any crazy weapons or vehicles, PUBG makes players rely on their reaction times and combat instincts. For some, this can be a bit frustrating, but for others, it's the ultimate challenge that keeps them coming back again and again. Plus playing online with your friends with cross-platform play makes for a pretty sweet deal.

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  • Hitman: Sniper
    Photo: Square Enix Montreal

    Price: $0.99

    Released: 2014

    The Hitman series is a classic of modern gaming, so it's only natural that there would be a mobile spinoff for this series as well. Play as Agent 47 and hone your aim as you make your way through challenging missions that will test your skills. While the gameplay is engaging enough, Hitman: Sniper also boasts some pretty impressive voice acting for a mobile game, not to mention there are no ads or in-app purchases in sight.

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    Shadowgun Legends

    Price: Free

    Released: 2019

    The third installment in the series, Shadowgun Legends is a mobile shooter that offers both multiplayer and single-player options, including eight different game modes and over 200 story missions. You play as a member of the Shadowguns, a group of elite mercenaries, who fights against an alien species called the Torment, who threaten life on Earth's colonies. If going solo is more your speed, Shadowgun Legends is a great mobile single-player game, and you can always jump into multiplayer if you want to switch it up a bit.

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