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The 12 Best Mobile Shooting Games You Can Play Right Now

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Gaming at home is pretty great, but can sometimes be cumbersome when you're tethered to your console or PC. While these platforms are usually how we prefer to play shooters, some surprising good mobile FPS games have been released in recent years, so you can now play your favorite genre on the go. Whether it's a sci-fi adventure, a zombie shoot-a-thon (which are always great), or a heart-pumping sniper challenge, these games are sure to satisfy your gaming needs, all from your own mobile device.

What are your favorite FPS games for Android and iOS? From classic mobile FPS ports like Call of Duty and PUBG to awesome sniper games like Clear Vision 3 and Sniper Fury, check out all the best mobile shooting games and vote your favorites up to the top. That way other gamers can see which titles are worth downloading, and which are worth avoiding altogether.