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The Best Modern Chick Lit

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List RulesBooks written for a female audience that deal with traditionally female themes and experiences

What are the best modern chick lit books? Chick lit, aka literature for women, includes a wide variety of different kinds of novels, but for the most part, they're connected to romance in some way. From the goofiness of Rebecca "Becky" Bloomwood in Sophie Kinsella's 'Shopaholic' books to the crazy antics of Bridget Jones in Helen Fielding's 'Bridget Jones' series, the books listed here all qualify as great, entertaining chick lit reads.

Which chick lit books are your favorites? Vote them up! And feel free to add any that might be missing. Let's keep this modern, though, so as much as we all love Jane Austen, she stays off the list. She might be one of the best romance novelists ever, but she is not modern (sorry, Jane).

The best modern chick lit books feature memorable characters and fun storylines. No, they aren't always "deep" reads, but that's not what most of us want when we pick up a chick lit book. We want good, solid entertainment for a few hours, to take us away from our troubles. Or we want a great summer beach read, as we listen to waves crashing and dig our toes into the sand.

Need some ideas? If you've already ripped through all of Charlaine Harris' 'Southern Vampire Mysteries' novels, check out this list of books like the Sookie Stackhouse series for a little inspiration. And yes, the 'Twilight' books might be technically Young Adult ("YA"), but they definitely qualify as "chick lit." Finished them already? Need more? This list of books like 'Twilight' might be helpful.