The Best Modern Composers, Ranked

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This list serves as a compilation of the best modern composers from all over the globe. These gifted 21st century musicians, true legends of the classical music world, are ranked from best to worst by music lovers everywhere. From famous modern composers that have written some of the most beloved soundtracks to some of the greatest movies of all time, to lesser know classical musicians that have paved a career in symphony orchestras internationally, this list features everyone's favorite contemporary composers from today and this era.

What names will you find on this best modern composers list? Danny Elfman has to be mentioned among the most talented composers of all time. First rising to popularity in the band Oingo Boingo, Elfman went on to compose such memorable pieces as the themes from The Simpsons, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Batman. John Williams is another great composer from modern times. If you prefer jazzier tunes, give a listen to the composer and multi-instrumentalist Keith Jarrett. Other good musicians that are featured on this top modern composers list include Ennio Morricone, Rachel Portman and Alexandre Desplat.

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