14 Modern Spider-Man Threats Just As Dangerous As His Classic Rogues' Gallery

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It has been said that any given superhero is only as good as their greatest supervillain, or, ideally, their rogues’ gallery full of multiple great supervillains. It is, after all, conflict that defines all heroes, so antagonists are required to give them something to do. And when you’re talking about a monthly medium like comic books, those baddies need to keep on coming consistently and relentlessly. So, while classic villains are all well and good, there’s also a constant need for fresh new threats to face off with our most well-worn heroes - including Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man. 

Of all costumed crusaders, Peter Parker has received a particularly rough ride from the villains in his life. Spidey’s whole thing is taking a beating against overwhelming odds and still finding the courage to get back on his feet, so his confrontations with villains new and old aren’t always pretty - but they’re always inspiring. 

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    Red Goblin

    What do you get when you mix two of Spider-Man’s greatest foes together? Well, if it’s Norman Osborn and Carnage, you get the Red Goblin - and you get a lot of bloodshed.

    As the Green Goblin and just as himself, Osborn has been ruining Peter Parker’s life since 1964. The Carnage symbiote, offspring of Venom and frequent playmate of serial killer Cletus Kasady, didn’t join the party until 1991, but it made quite the first impression.

    Then, in 2018, the two got down to some collaborating. At the time, Osborn had been recently cured of his madness by Parker, at the cost of a permanent immunity to Goblin Serum. Seeking the power he’d lost, Osborn used his wealth and influence to acquire the Carnage symbiote - which had been forcibly removed from Kasady and placed into storage by S.H.I.E.L.D. The Red Goblin was born, and it didn’t take him long to run wild.

    Norman and the symbiote bonded over their shared passion for murder - and got about doing some. They did away with Phil Urich, the so-called “Goblin King,” slaughtered dozens of civilians, and even transformed Norman’s own grandson into a symbiote monster to send after Spider-Man. They cleared the nanites out of Osborn’s system and restored his Goblin strength. All of Spidey’s allies, including Venom, pitched in to fight against the Red Goblin, and all were beaten back. Flash Thompson, then operating as Agent Anti-Venom, gave his life in the battle. 

    Spidey ultimately proved victorious by pitching the egos of Osborn and the symbiote against one another, and then taking advantage of the confusion. The symbiote was then removed from Osborn, and the two went their separate ways - though there’s always the possibility of a reunion. 

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    Though Knull didn’t make his official on-page debut until 2018, he’s been lurking in the background of the Marvel Universe since before there was a Marvel Universe - and he’s been indirectly messing with Spider-Man since 1984’s Secret Wars. That’s because Knull was, among other things, the god of symbiotes, and the progenitor of the entire Klyntar race - including the Venom symbiote that would go on to cause Peter Parker no shortage of trouble.

    To make a very long story short, Knull was a primordial darkness deity born in the lightless void interceding the sixth and seventh iterations of the Marvel Multiverse. When the Celestials showed up to create life, an annoyed Knull forged a sword out of his own shadow and used it to cut one of their heads off. The decapitated Celestial became Knowhere Station, the sword became All-Black the Necrosword, and the Klyntar were born from that unholy combination.

    The symbiote race would rebel against Knull and imprison him in a planet made of their own bodies. But some of them followed his orders of intergalactic conquest, anyway, leading to one particular symbiote finding its way to Parker, which in turn led to Venom, Carnage, and that unfortunate dance sequence in Spider-Man 3

    If that were all Knull had ever done, he’d make Spidey’s enemies list, fair and square. But after all that, he also broke free from his prison and came to Earth, wrapping the planet in a symbiote ball and threatening to plunge it into darkness forever. To stop him, Eddie Brock - the eventual long-term partner of the Venom symbiote and a begrudging ally to Spider-Man - gave up his life on Earth to usurp Knull’s power and become the new King in Black. But a whole lot of damage had to be done before that could be sorted out, and much of it occurred to the wallcrawler’s friends and family, as per usual. 

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    The Inheritors

    The first member of the Inheritor race to ever cross paths with Spider-Man was Morlun, who debuted in 2001 and immediately almost succeeded in eating Peter Parker. Hailing from Earth-001, as it turned out, Inheritors were a species of interdimensional vampires who preferred to feed on “Spider-Tokens.” The rest of the family made their presence felt in 2014 when they launched an all-out campaign to hunt down as many Spider-Folk as possible in one fell swoop. That forced the Spideys of several different universes to come together in the first Spider-Verse event, but not the last. 

    No matter how many Spider-People teamed up, they never seemed to be enough to defeat the Inheritors, who gained power with every totem they consumed. Countless iconic alternate Spideys, such as Spider-Man Noir and Cosmic Spider-Man, fell at their hands, and in the end, they were only beaten when they were tricked into traveling to a planet under a heavily radioactive sun. 

    Ever connected to the Web of Life and Destiny, however, the Inheritors will likely rise again as the number of Spider-Folk continues to increase - and they’re sure to be hungry when they do.

  • Otto Octavius, better known as Doctor Octopus, has been around since 1963, and is one of the oldest and finest members of Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery. In recent years, however, Octavius has moved up a notch from rival to archnemesis - first, by stealing Peter Parker’s body and piloting it around for a few years as the Superior Spider-Man, and then by returning to his old body and ways as the Superior Octopus in 2019.

    Through collaborating with the Jackal II and his Clone Conspiracy, Otto obtained an upgraded body for his unhoused mind, stepping into a combo of his genes and Parker’s. In this guise, he became the Superior Octopus, and dedicated himself to his own unique brand of heroism - but then he got recruited by the Hydra-fied Captain America and was coerced into working for Hydra, anyway, helping them to briefly take over the United States. 

    Octavius also took this opportunity to steal Parker Industries, the company he’d built while piloting Parker’s body, away from its namesake. But Otto found himself spending more and more time on altruistic causes, even joining the “Web Warriors” for the Spider-Geddon event and fighting against the Inheritors. That brought him into conflict with the Norman Osborn of another universe, and when the supposedly Superior Octopus couldn’t defeat his foe, he made a deal with Mephisto to return to his old body in exchange for the power he needed.

    Now, he’s not the Superior Octopus anymore, nor does he remember his time as the Superior Spider-Man, but make no mistake - Otto Octavius still has a very active superiority complex. 

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    A mysterious villain all wrapped up in bandages, covered in centipedes, and calling themselves Kindred started showing up in Spider-Man’s dreams in 2018. They promised to make Peter Parker’s life a living hell from afar, and for a couple of years, they did. Clearly sporting some demonic powers, Kindred raised other villains like Mysterio from the grave and turned the Sin-Eater into a hell-powered tool of vengeance. Then, when all that was done, Kindred attacked Spidey directly by siccing every single Sinister squad ever assembled on him. Kindred didn’t just slay the webslinger - he ended him over and over again, bringing him back to life each time just for the pleasure of slaying him again. Spider-Man only made it out alive thanks to the timely intervention of Doctor Octopus, after which it was revealed that Kindred was... Harry Osborn?!

    Actually, the full truth, which took some time to unravel, was far stranger and convoluted than that.

    The real Harry perished way back in the '70s after becoming the Green Goblin, but before he did, he created an advanced AI that blended together his mind with that of his father. This AI cooked up an insane posthumous scheme that involved tricking Norman Osborn into thinking he’d had an affair with Gwen Stacy via a couple of rapidly aged clone children that had supposedly been conceived in the tryst. Gabriel and Sarah Stacy eventually perished from genetic instability, after which they ended up in hell, under the thrall of Mephisto. Still bearing a grudge against Spider-Man, Mephisto used the opportunity to transform the twins into Kindred, bonding them with the Osborn AI so that they each thought they were Harry. Mephisto also had a clone of Harry made and reentered into Peter’s life, just to be extra confusing. 

    In the climactic battle that followed the revelations, Gabriel, Sarah, and Harry all perished again, and Spider-Man was left with a whole lot of questions - and few satisfying answers. Chief on that list: What’s stopping Mephisto from bringing them all back again?

  • Sergei Nikolaevich Kravinoff had been hunting, and occasionally catching, Spider-Man since 1964. In that time, he sired a number of children, but none of them had ever proven truly worthy of carrying on the mantle of Kraven the Hunter. And so Kraven - who had ended his own life and then been brought back accidentally immortal by his incompetent family - hatched a plot to find someone who could actually carry his legacy, allowing him to finally rest again.

    First, Kraven tasked his living children with hunting down and slaying one another. When his daughter Ana defeated the rest, Kraven decided he’d rather have a son take over the family business, anyway, so in 2019, he made 87 rapidly aging clones of himself and sent them out into the world to prove themselves.

    One of the clones, the “Last Son of Kraven,” came back with all 86 of his brothers’ heads, and a proud Kraven named that clone as his official heir. But the ceremony was not quite complete, and the Last Son of Kraven still needed to be tested. The OG Kraven kidnapped all the animal-themed villains he could find (and Spider-Man) and trapped them in Central Park, then set Kraven II loose on The Great Hunt, with the ultimate goal of ending the wallcrawler. When it was over, Kraven II tracked down Spidey and strangled him, only to pull off the mask and see that it was his own clone-father underneath. 

    In the aftermath, Kraven II took up the mantle proudly and went about proving himself to himself for a change. As such, he’s basically a brand-new Kraven the Hunter forged through a great trial and wearing a massive chip on his shoulder, and he’s been going after some of Marvel’s heaviest hitters - including Valkyrie, Elektra, Deadpool, and, of course, Spider-Man - ever since.