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The best conditioner for dry hair--includes traditional conditioner and leave in

The best moisturizing conditioner manages to help keep hair soft and shiny, while not weighing it down too much. The key with moisturizing conditioners is balance: You want the moisture benefits, without any gunk that can make hair go completely flat. Great moisturizing conditioners can do just that. Vote here for the conditioners you think are the best for moisturizing hair, and vote down any that you really didn't like. And, if you have a favorite conditioner for dry hair that isn't listed, please add it. Your fellow product junkies will certainly thank you.

Just as a great moisturizing shampoo can breathe life into frazzled tresses, a good moisturizing conditioner can turn dull, damaged hair into a sleek, manageable mane. At one time or another, almost everyone will need a moisturizing conditioner. Some people might not have naturally dry hair, but things like heat damage (from blow drying, flat ironing and/or using curling irons every day) can make for brittle strands.

The idea with a hydrating conditioner is to put that lost moisture back, making the hair more supple and certainly less prone to breakage. Some of the top conditioners for dry hair are leave-in conditioners, meaning you don't rinse them out. They coat the hair, protecting it from further damage and (hopefully) making the hair softer and shinier -- and generally more healthy looking.

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