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The Best Mom Characters In 2019

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List RulesVote up the greatest mother characters on screens of all sizes in 2019.

The small screen has a long history of showcasing amazing moms. This list of the best mom characters in 2019 may differ from the standard tropes established by all-time mom greats like Carol Brady and June Cleaver; however, these are different times with different rules. Which TV mom do you think tops the list?

The matriarch is the backbone of any family. She's the woman who kisses your boo-boo but is also able to scare away the frightening monsters that lurk underneath your bed. These moms can do anything. Some are entrepreneurs and doctors, like Rainbow Johnson in Black-ish, while others, like Samantha Fox in Better Things, have to juggle being single parents with their full-time careers. Whatever the show or settings, these moms make the impossible seem easy. 

Of course, you love your own mom the most. But if you had to decide who are the best mom characters on TV, who would they be? Vote up your favorite mom characters in 2019. Don’t see your favorite mom? Go ahead and add her to this list.