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The 15 Most Epic Moments From 'Naruto Shippuden'

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Naruto Shippuden is one of the most beloved shonen anime in history, and its popularity isn't coincidental. Epic moments in Shippuden keep viewers invested in the Naruto characters and the story, creating a satisfying viewing experience. 

What are the best moments in Naruto Shippuden? That depends on your taste, and the show offers a plethora of amazing scenes. Team 10's carefully planned vengeance against their teacher's murderer makes most viewers' hair stand on end - especially the moment when Shikamaru declares himself to be Hidan's new god. Not every larger-than-life moment in the show is about hurting others, however. The time Sakura reaches into Naruto's heart and manually restarts it to save his life is incredible for entirely different reasons. 

Because Naruto Shippuden is so full of incredible moments, it's impossible to name them all - but these 15 truly stand out. 

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    Naruto Returns To Konoha

    A grand entrance always makes for an unforgettable moment. Pain has invaded Konoha, and everything seems hopeless - but then Naruto shows up in Sage Mode, standing on top of two giant toads, and he looks ready to take on anything. This moment is made all the more stirring as we watch Naruto train under Jiraiya to learn the technique - a difficult process requiring physical and mental training.

    Not to mention, the dramatic camera angles and music don't hurt.

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    Madara Fights Might Guy

    Watching Guy, a ninja best-known for his penchant for wearing green jumpsuits and posing, fighting one of the most high-powered ninja in series' history is a truly amazing sequence. When Madara acknowledges Guy as one of his few worthy opponents, it proves a point Guy had previously made. Guy told his protege Lee about the value of taijutsu, and now taijutsu is the only thing that can defeat Madara, who is immune to just about everything else.

    Also, watching Guy open the eighth gate - which is the highest point of the technique he learned from his father and passed on to Lee - is spectacular. 

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    Minato Destroys Obito

    In one of the most harrowing flashbacks in Naruto history, Obito appears as Kushina gives birth to her son Naruto. Obito intends to steal the tailed beast that lives inside Naruto's mother. He kidnaps the newborn baby and unleashes the tailed beast on the village. Minato manages to stop him with a well-timed Rasengan to the back.

    After this defeat, he seals the tailed beast into Naruto's body, saving Konoha from destruction. 

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    Team 10 Gets Revenge

    After Hidan kills their jounin instructor Asuma, Team 10 seeks him out to get revenge. The whole fight is epic due to the well-planned strategy, Team 10's righteous fury, and Hidan's utter lack of sympathy or regret. The best part comes when Hidan is just about to be defeated. Shikamaru tells Hidan that his god, Jashin, is worthless, and says, "I am your god now."

    If you didn't scream when he said that, you were clearly not paying attention. 

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