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The Best Monogatari Quotes

There are so many memorable quotes from the anime Monogatari, but which ones stood out to you the most? Since it's just a great anime, let's rank the best quotes from Monogatari, with the help of your votes. These memorable Monogatari quotes can be from any character in the series, whether they are a main character like Koyomi Araragi, or even a side character like Tsubasa Hanekawa or Suruga Kanbaru.

Based on the light novel by Nisio Isin, Monogatari is a supernatural anime filled with action, comedy, and fanservice. The series revolves around a third-year high schooler named Koyomi Araragi. After a vampire attack turned him into a bloodsucker, Koyomi has nearly transformed himself back into being human. However, he discovers a classmate of his, Hitagi Senjogahara, may be a supernatural being herself. While Hitagi initially brushes him away, Koyomi introduces her to the man responsible for curing him of his vampirism. Hitagi isn't the only supernatural girl Koyomi runs into. As the series progresses, Koyomi becomes a magnet for beautiful girls inflicted with the same supernatural infliction as he. Premiering in 2009, the Monogatari franchise has included three anime seasons and theatrical films.

One of the most memorable quotes from Monogatari is spoken by Araragi Karen: “You can lose the match and the game, but if you don’t lose to yourself, it isn’t a loss.” Use your votes to let other fans of Monogatari know what your favorite quotes from the series are. You can also downvote any Monogatari quotes that you didn't like as much. 

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  • Signaling Danger and Signaling Safety
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    115 VOTES

    Signaling Danger and Signaling Safety

    "When the world is filled with red lights signaling danger, the world is safer than usual. But when it's filled with green lights signaling safety, it creates a place more dangerous than anywhere."

    - Ougi Oshino 

    115 votes
  • More Real Than the Real Thing
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    108 VOTES

    More Real Than the Real Thing

    “The fake is of far greater value. In its deliberate attempt to be real, it’s more real than the real thing.”

    - Kaiki Deshu

    108 votes
  • If You Like Anything and Everything
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    30 VOTES

    If You Like Anything and Everything

    "To have something you detest is about as important as having something you love. Yet you accept everything that comes in your way. Because if you like anything and everything, they all end up being the same thing in the end."

    - Senjougahara Hitagi 

    30 votes
  • To Ask Is a Moment's Shame
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    60 VOTES

    To Ask Is a Moment's Shame

    "To ask is a moment's shame. Not to, lifelong."

    - Yotsugi Ononoki 

    60 votes
  • Doubt Yourself
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    56 VOTES

    Doubt Yourself

    "Humans have a desire for truth or they have a desire to what they know is the truth. In other words, what the truth is exactly second to that. Be careful of what is the truth and what is lie. In other words, always doubt yourself. Harbor an inner devil as you read along... and I won't forget to add that by that point, you might have already fallen into my trap."

    - Deishū Kaiki

    56 votes
  • There's No Reason a Fake Can't Do What the Real Thing Would
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    55 VOTES

    There's No Reason a Fake Can't Do What the Real Thing Would

    “There’s no reason a fake can’t do what the real thing would. And it’s possible for a fake to be more real than the real thing.” 

    - Oshino Shinobu

    55 votes