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12 Of The Most Over-The-Top Monster Movie Death Scenes

June 29, 2020 1.6k votes 268 voters 11.2k views12 items

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Monster movies have moved from the realm of Dracula drinking blood from the necks of victims in a gore-free manner to diabolical creatures of unspeakable origins devouring or dismembering people in a wholly gratuitous and nauseating manner. These somewhat newer versions of monster flicks take the already terrifying notions of being attacked by a monster to horrific new heights with some of the most creative movie deaths in cinema. 

Monster death scenes that really stick with an audience use the unique abilities or powers of the beast in question to take the scenes to a whole new level, like those seen in The Cabin in the WoodsThe best monster movie deaths are the ones the audience doesn't see coming or set the tone for the rest of the movie, upping the ante for everything that comes after... or even just mentally scarring the audience one last time before the credits roll.

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    Everyone In The Finale Of 'The Cabin In The Woods'

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    There are many deaths in The Cabin in the Woods that qualify as some of the best in the genre. The Zombie Redneck Torture Family are vicious in their use of rusty chains, sharp metal, and hooks to be sure. However, the most impressive and devastating kill doesn't come from them.

    At the very end of the movie, once the audience sees a multitude of monsters rip apart employees of an underground facility in every manner from impaled by a unicorn horn to ripped into pieces by flying monsters, the Ancient Ones finally make somewhat of an appearance.

    As the floor quakes and the promise of escape becomes nothing more than a far-fetched dream, a gigantic hand emerges and slams down on everything. In this creature feature, the Ancient Ones bring about the end of an entire planet as a finale.

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    Frank Cotton In 'Hellraiser'

    Hellraiser is a movie filled with the grotesque in every possible way, from the design of the Cenobites to the last moments of its characters. Frank (Sean Chapman) meets a terrible fate early on, accidentally summoning the Cenobites from Hell after solving the Lemarchand's Box puzzle box that summons the creatures. 

    As soon as he solves the puzzle box, hooks emerge from Frank's attic, attaching to his body and stringing him up from the rafters. But Frank's real horror isn't until the end, when the Cenobites catch up with the renegade Frank after he escapes hell. Once he is caught, Frank is strung up in horrific fashion one again, ripping his flesh in the process. In his final moments, the former Frank licks his lips while spouting, "Jesus wept." He then implodes moments later. 

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    Deputy Nick In 'Bone Tomahawk'

    Bone Tomahawk is a modern Western horror film that pits Sheriff Franklin Hunt (Kurt Russell) and a posse of good Samaritans against a tribe of cannibalistic troglodytes after they take the wife of Arthur O'Dwyer (Patrick Wilson). As the group sets out for the "Valley of the Starving Men" to bring them home, the posse discovers that the troglodyte clan is far more vicious than they anticipated. 

    When the group is caught and placed into cells, where they have the misfortune to witness Deputy Nick's (Evan Jonigkeit) demise at the hands of the clan. Using the titular tool, three of the clan members scalp Nick and place a wooden spike in his jaw before bisecting him alive from groin to head in preparation of mealtime. 

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    Dr. Copper In 'The Thing'

    After scenes of mutated sled dogs, the melding of Bennings (Peter Maloney) with the creature, and his subsequent demise by flamethrower, the demise of Dr. Copper (Richard Dysart) in The Thing still manages to stand out in a movie full of truly memorable monster kills.

    While working to resuscitate the ailing Norris (Charles Hallahan) with defibrillation paddles, Dr. Copper's hands are bitten off when Norris' stomach becomes a mouth and teeth. After pulling free, Copper loses his hands as all hell breaks loose and the doctor bleeds out.

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