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Moon Knight has been kicking bad guys around the Marvel Universe since he first appeared all the way back in 1975. Since that time, he has gone on to become an incredibly popular character, and he's finally getting the recognition he deserves in the form of his own series on Disney+. If you've ever asked yourself, who is Moon Knight? Or you're not too familiar with Moon Knight, that's okay because there's a lot to read before you watch the show. Moon Knight has been described as Marvel's answer to Batman but features a guy with multiple personality disorder whose powers come and go with the lunar cycles. He's strange, interesting, and one of the best street-level Marvel superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

Because he's been around for decades, there are tons of comic books, great stories, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, comic book issues, story arcs, storylines, and one-shot books about Moon Knight, making it hard to determine which is the best of Moon Knight's greatest adventures. This list attempts the impossible by narrowing the best down to the top 20.

Check out the stories listed below, and if you see your favorite, vote it up. Then check back to see which of these comics is the best Moon Knight story ever told!

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    Birth And Death

    Story Found In: Moon Knight #10-14

    How much does anyone really know about Moon Knight and his origin? In this story titled, "Birth And Death," the origin and secret history of Marc Spector is spelled out. Marc may have been born in Chicago, but what about his alter ego, Steven Grant? Does he hail from the Windy City as well, or did he arise elsewhere?

    Moon Knight's particular form of madness finds himself trapped outside of reality itself, but how much of what's happening to him is real? Is he as delusional as he sometimes thinks, and is everything he's done over the years been little more than a figment of his own fractured imagination? All of the answers to his questions are posed here, but how much will he truly learn?

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    From The Dead

    Story Found In: Moon Knight #1-6

    One of Moon Knight's most interesting traits is the fact that he is afflicted with Multiple Personality Disorder. In "From the Dead," his three personalities are explored, and the question of whether or not Marc Spector is Moon Knight, or is he another person entirely is asked and possibly answered.

    The story has Spector hunting ghosts, investigating an experiment involving a sleep study, which is driving its participants insane, and he even heads to a mushroom graveyard planet. There's a mob engagement and pretty much everything is thrown his way in this insane tale of Moon Knight!

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    Story Found In: Moon Knight #1-5

    It's an established fact that Moon Knight is a bit strange, and even though Marc Spector has more than one personality, including Steven Grant and Jake Lockley, he's done a good job protecting the streets of New York City for years... or has he?

    Uncertainty and doubt creep in when Marc wakes up in an insane asylum without any of his powers. Not only that, but he also has a medical history going back years, and each of his multiple personalities come into question. Was it all happening in Marc's head, or is he really the superhero known as Moon Knight?

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    Story Found In: Moon Knight #6-9 & Moon Knight #2

    While most of Moon Knight's books focus on his prime identity of Marc Spector, that's not the only person running around inside his head. In "Reincarnations," the other men who call Marc's body their home come to light, and it's about as nutty as it sounds. 

    After Marc managed to break his body to free himself from the prison Knoshy built for his mind, he wonders if he broke himself free at all. Could he still be trapped, or is he free from the God's relentless control over him? Marc begins to lose control in this crazy story written by Jeff Lemire with art by James Stokoe, Francesco Francavilla, Wilfredo Torres, Greg Smallwood, and Bill Sienkiewicz.

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    Dead Will Rise

    Story Found In: Moon Knight #7-12

    The city of New York has been cast into darkness thanks to a dangerous new threat, and it's up to Moon Knight to stop it! He's going to have to use every trick in his book, every weapon, and every personality to become strong enough to rescue the city's residents and save the day!

    The story covers a lot of ground, but one of the best aspects is how it takes Moon Knight from hero to zero after he breaks into the United Nations building! This sets the brave men and women of the NYPD hot on his tail, and as he finds himself a fugitive from the law, Moon Knight must pay the price or suffer the consequences of his actions...

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    Midnight Sun

    Story Found In: Moon Knight #7-13 & Moon Knight Annual #1

    Moon Knight has been the kind of superhero who draws a lot of attention, and over the years, he's developed quite the rogues' gallery. While he's faced many villains over the years, he rarely finds himself working alongside, or against other superheroes.

    In "Midnight Sun," Moon Knight finds himself coming face to face with the likes of Captain America, the Punisher, and everyone's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! Someone out there has left a trail of bodies for the heroes to find, and many think it might be Moon Knight who's responsible...

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