The Scariest 'Morbid' Episodes To Send Shivers Down Your Spine

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Morbid: A True Crime Podcast, hosted by Ash Kell and Alaina Urquhart-White, mashes the horror of true crime, with the comedy and camaraderie only two people practically raised as siblings can. Some of the best episodes of Morbid podcast take a deep look at the horrific crimes that make you think of Sister Jude in American Horror Story: Asylum, saying, "All monsters are human." 

Which are the best Morbid podcast episodes? With over 300 episodes, there are certainly plenty to choose from. Many fans are partial to episode 147, "The Mysterious and Tragic Death of Kenneka Jenkins." However, others like the variety and participation of special series Morbid does, like episode 301, "Haunted Lighthouses Volume 1."

Which do you think are the Morbid podcast best episodes? Check out the selection of episodes from Morbid A True Crime Podcast below, and be sure to vote up the ones you can't stop listening to - and/or the ones you would recommend to a friend listening to the show for the first time! 

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    Episode 214: "The Tragic Case of Molly Bish"

    Alaina and Ash look for answers in the unsolved murder of 16-year-old lifeguard, Molly Bish, who went missing from her job in 2000. Tragically, her partial remains were discovered three years later. As of the episode's airing in 2021, no one has been held responsible for the crime.

    The Morbid hosts chat with Molly's sister, Heather, in an accompanying episode to learn more about Molly's case and how people can help the family to get justice.

  • Episode 166: "Ian Brady & Myra Hindley AKA The Moors Murderers Part 1"
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    Episode 166: "Ian Brady & Myra Hindley AKA The Moors Murderers Part 1"

    Morbid dedicates a whopping four episodes to unpacking the unimaginable crimes of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. The pair murdered five children, ages 10-17, and buried them in graves on Saddleworth Moor. Many of the victims were also sexually assaulted. Episode one reveals Brady and Hindley's lives before they met each other, as the hosts look for clues to what could make them commit such atrocities. These episodes are tough, but fans love the detailed storytelling by Alaina and Ash.

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    Episode 114: "The Amazing Survival Tale Of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus Part 1"

    Morbid dedicates two episodes to the heroic survival tale of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus, who were kidnapped by Ariel Castro between 2002-2004. They were held captive and raped until May 6, 2013, when Berry escaped and contacted the police. The first episode details some of the horrors they endured during their imprisonment by Castro.

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    Episode 151: "The Mysterious Death of Tamla Horsford"

    In 2018, Tamla Horsford was found dead after attending an adult sleepover. She was presumed to have fallen from the second floor balcony and was found face down in a backyard. The Forsyth County Sheriff department ruled the death an accident, but a second autopsy requested by Horsford's family revealed further examples of unexplained injuries and abrasions. The case was reopened in 2020. Alaina and Ash unpack all of the twist and turns in this captivating episode.

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    Episode 122: "The West Memphis Three Part 1"

    Four episodes were dedicated to the case of the West Memphis three, teenagers who were convicted of the murders of three boys, despite a lack of evidence. Episode one covers the 1993 murders of Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, and Steve Branch, and what led investigators to hold Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley Jr., and Jason Baldwin responsible for the killings. After serving 18 years in prison, the three accepted a plea bargain, and entered Alford pleas, leading to their release. It is a case that captured the attention of celebrities, and inspired a series of documentary films.

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    Episode 226: "Tyler Hadley (Redo!)"

    Tyler Hadley's case was so crazy, the Morbid team had to cover it twice. This redo episode features new information about the then-17-year-old who murdered his parents and then threw a party for about a hundred of his closest friends. Little did his guests know that his parents were dead in another room.