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The Best Mötley Crüe Albums, Ranked

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We're ranking the best Mötley Crüe albums of all time. One of the best heavy metal bands ever, Mötley Crüe's discography features three Grammy nominations and many popular songs, like "Home Sweet Home '91" and "If I Die Tomorrow." What is the greatest Mötley Crüe album ever?

From their debut album Too Fast for Love to their 2008 album Saints of Los Angeles, this list of Mötley Crüe albums also includes Dr. Feelgood, Shout at the Devil, Theatre of Pain, and Girls, Girls, Girls.

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  • Photo: Elektra

    1. T.n.T. (Terror 'n Tinseltown)
    2. Dr. Feelgood
    3. Slice of Your Pie
    4. Rattlesnake Shake
    5. Kickstart My Heart
    6. Without You
    7. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)
    8. Sticky Sweet
    9. She Goes Down
    10. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
    11. Time for Change

    • Release Date: 1989
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    1. In the Beginning
    2. Shout at the Devil
    3. Looks That Kill
    4. B*stard
    5. God Bless the Children of the Beast
    6. Helter Skelter (The Beatles cover) 
    7. Red Hot
    8. Too Young to Fall in Love
    9. Knock 'Em Dead, Kid
    10. Ten Seconds to Love
    11. Danger

    • Release Date: 1983
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    1. Live Wire
    2. Public Enemy #1
    3. Take Me To The Top
    4. Merry-Go-Round
    5. Piece of Your Action
    6. Starry Eyes
    7. Stick to Your Guns
    8. Come on and Dance
    9. Too Fast for Love
    10. On with the Show

    • Release Date: 1981
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    1. Wild Side
    2. Girls, Girls, Girls
    3. Dancing on Glass
    4. Bad Boy Boogie
    5. Nona
    6. Five Years Dead
    7. All in the Name Of...
    8. Sumthin' for Nuthin'
    9. You're All I Need
    10. Jailhouse Rock (live)

    • Release Date: 1987
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