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The Best Dance-Offs in Movies That Aren't Even About Dancing

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The only thing better than a big film climax is a totally unexpected movie dance-off. Sure, movies like Step Up and Stomp the Yard feature some killer moves, but that's to be expected. Viewers don't expect people to battle it out through dancing in movies that aren't about dancing, so those moments are the driving force behind some of the best film dance offs. 

From Kid 'n' Play's totally '90s party moves to dancing as a strategy for revenge, this list pays homage to the best movie dance-offs nobody saw coming. Now boogie on down through this compilation and don't forget to vote up the best dance-off scenes in movies that totally made you want to bust out some killer moves.

  • Neighbors
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    The sleepless Mac and Kelly Radner make things personal when they attempt to get the next door fraternity to crumble from the inside. They test the bonds of brotherhood by trying to get house president Teddy Sanders to catch his girlfriend, Brooke, cheating with his best friend, Pete. In the midst of their plan, Mac gets sucked into a dance-off with Teddy and uses his not-so-killer moves to direct his nemesis' attention towards Brooke and Pete heading to a bedroom together.

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  • National Lampoon's European Vacation
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    Clark Griswold readies his lederhosen and feathered cap at a Bavarian festival where he is brought on stage to show off his worldliness through dance. In true National Lampoon style, the Schuhplatter quickly devolves from a slap dance to a slap fight, showing that Griswold shenanigans always beat out cultural traditions. 

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  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun
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    When Janey and Natalie get caught in a tie, the coveted Dance TV spot comes down to a dance-off. Natalie's a good dancer, for sure, but Janey nails a Dirty Dancing lift. And really, once someone tackles that lift, there's no going back for anyone involved. 
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  • The Hot Chick
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    When hot girl Jessica accidentally swaps bodies with the not-so-hot (and not at all female) criminal Clive, a group of unlikely friends helps her track down her body. They suspect a rival hottie, Bianca, of making the switch through some sort of voodoo that can be detected through a tattoo. Jessica (in Clive's body) tries to find the tattoo by stripping Bianca in a group dance-off, but alas, she only manages to ruin a bunch of shirts. 

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