Gifs The Best Movie Explosion GIFs  

Jo Swo
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This is a list of all the very best explosions captured on the big screen! Whether they're behind the cool guys who don't seem to notice them or they're a result of something that's gone horribly wrong, movie explosions are possibly the coolest things ever and the movie gifs on this list all feature a super cool, usually fiery, definitely awesome explosion. We've got explosions from the old James Bond movies, newer comic book movies, and all the best action films.

We've collected all the best and most dangerous looking explosion gifs for your viewing pleasure, whenever you need a kickass action fix. Do you remember seeing these jaw droppers in the cinema? Do they still activate the "dude, that's awesome" centers of your brain? Or do you think you could make a better explosion in your backyard with a bottle of Coke and some Mentos?

Hollywood loves a cool explosion and these animated gifs of explosions showcase some of the best and most intense explosions from your favorite movies. So give the best movie explosions below a thumbs up and give a thumbs down to those you don't think are really even that sick.