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Fight scenes and action movies go together like umbrellas in the rain, or another, better metaphor that underscores the brutal one-on-one fights in movies that you’re about to see. The best brawls in film have a way of bringing the viewer into the action, not allowing them to play the spectator. Some films, like Eastern Promises and Old Boy, hold on to their subjects for so long that the violence becomes real, and the viewer becomes complicit in the act. But that’s not how all of the best movie fist fights play out. Some of them are just full of mindless fun. For instance, literally any fight from the Transporter series. It really just depends on what kind of face-punching action you’re in the mood for.

To make a classic, cinematic fist fight you need a few ingredients: at least two people willing to punch each other’s brains out (obviously), some great foley (so the punches sound like a skateboard slapping a piece of frozen beef), and if you want to go above and beyond the call of duty – some garrote wire.

All of these amazing cinematic fist fights are worth watching, and they’ll all make you cheer, cringe, and karate your little brother until you’re both grounded. But which is the best? Vote up the bareknuckle fist fights in film that made your jaw ache, and then go put a steak on your face. 

Enter the Dragon is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Fiercest Fist Fights In Film History
Photo: Warner Bros.

Film: Enter The Dragon

Combatants: Lee vs. Han

End Result: The only thing left at the end of this fight is an old man who regrets trying to fight Bruce Lee in his prime.

Notably Brutal Moves: Bruce Lee getting sliced across his stomach by a set of Wolverine claws is pretty brutal, but that's nowhere near as hardcore as when Lee tastes his own blood and goes into beast mode. 

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Indiana Jones and the Raiders ... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Fiercest Fist Fights In Film History
Photo: Paramount Pictures

Film: Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Combatants: Indiana Jones vs. The Mechanic 

End Result: A giant Nazi is transformed into a bucket of blood through the miracle of aviation. 

Notably Brutal Moves: Is there anything more Indiana Jones than Harrison Ford fighting a bald strong man on top of a Nazi war plane? Even though it is a Spielberg movie so nothing is going to be too brutal, you still see a guy get chopped up in a plane's propeller. 

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Die Hard is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Fiercest Fist Fights In Film History
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Film: Die Hard

Combatants: John McClane vs. Karl 

End Result: John McClane strings Karl up by a well-placed chain and slams him into a concrete wall. Well played, McClane. 

Notably Brutal Moves: Karl has some legit anger issues, but his little German kicks are no match for John McClane's proficiency with slamming people into pipes. 

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Bloodsport is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Fiercest Fist Fights In Film History
Photo: Universal Studios

Film: Bloodsport

Combatants: Frank Dux vs Chong Li 

End Result: Even though he's literally fighting blind, Frank is able to use the skills he learned in an earlier montage to defeat his nemesis with a series of fancy windmill kicks. 

Notably Brutal Moves: The most brutal thing in this fight (aside from its length and JCVD's very strange acting skills) has to be the super stretchy backwards leg kick thing that Dux whacks into Chong Li's snout early on in the fight. 

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