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The Halloween season is a particularly enjoyable time of year for many. After all, it’s the season when everyone can dress up and when the normal rules governing the world are turned on their head, and nothing illustrates this more than the Halloween party.

There are, of course, a number of notable fictional Halloween parties which have appeared in various movies. Some of these films have come to be regarded as the best that the genre has to offer, while others occupy a more underrated status. Regardless of how they are regarded, these are the parties which would definitely be a lot of fun to attend.

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    The Party: The Halloween party in Casper is in many ways the climax of the film. Kat Harvey, played by Christina Ricci, offered to have the party at her house, which has a reputation for being haunted. 

    The Guest List: Almost everyone has been invited to this particular party, as it is the highlight of the season. In addition to Kat, Casper himself is there, as are Amber and Vic, the former of whom has taken an immediate dislike to Kat for what she perceives to be a threat to her own social standing. 

    The Costumes: Though Casper appears as just as himself for some time, his ends up being the most important costume, since he is allowed to become a human again for a brief time. Amber and Vic both attempt to dress up as a phantom, but their ruse is disrupted by the appearance of Casper’s villainous uncles. Kat’s costume is also particularly notable, as it's a very elaborate Edwardian gown with a very ghost-like appearance. 

    The Big Moment: The best moment in the party is when Casper appears in his mortal form. Though he ultimately returns to his ghostly one – which ends up frightening away the other attendees at the party – he still reminds Kat they will one day be together again.

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    The Party: The Halloween party is being held at City Hall, and it’s where most of the adults of the town of Salem have gathered to celebrate the holiday. 

    The Guest List: Most notably, the party is attended by Max and Dani’s father and mother, David and Jennifer. Max, Dani, and Allison also arrive, as do the three Sanderson sisters, Winfired, Mary, and Sarah.  

    The Costumes: Max’s mother is dressed in a Blonde Ambition-style Madonna costume, while his father is dressed typically as a vampire (he refers to himself as “Dadcula.”) The three witches are, of course, dressed in their own outlandish costumes. 

    The Big Moment: The party’s biggest moment is when Winifred and her sisters perform Screamin’ Jay Hawkins's “I Put a Spell on You.” It has become one of the film’s most beloved and recognizable scenes, due to the dynamism with which Midler delivers her performance. Given the fact it almost didn’t make it into the film at all, its association with Hocus Pocus is even more remarkable.

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  • The Party: The party is held every October 31, and it takes place in the Great Hall of Hogwarts. Unsurprisingly, it is a truly resplendent party, with floating pumpkins, lots of confections and other treats, and a general atmosphere of merriment. 

    The Guest List: Given its centrality to the yearly calendar, the Halloween party is attended by all Hogwarts students and staff. 

    The Costumes: Somewhat surprisingly, this particular party doesn’t actually feature very many costumes. Instead, both students and staff appear to be in their regular robes. 

    The Big Moment: Though for the most part the party is filled with joy and mirth, it all comes crashing to a halt with the unexpected arrival of the breathless Professor Quirrell, who exclaims a troll has appeared in the dungeon. Unsurprisingly, this leads Harry, Ron, and Hermione to confront it.

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  • The Party: Unlike other film entries in this particular film franchise, which for the most part have not depicted actual Halloween parties, this updated version actually has one. 

    The Guest List: Among other people, the guest list for this party includes Allyson Nelson (Laurie Strode’s granddaughter), her boyfriend Cameron, and her friend Oscar. 

    The Costumes: Allyson’s and Cameron’s costumes are particularly notable, as they are dressed as a gender-swapped Bonnie and Clyde. 

    The Big Moment: Things do not go well at the party, as Allyson discovers Cameron kissing someone else. After she leaves with Oscar, she rejects his advances and, unfortunately for both of them, Michael Myers has them in his sights. He ends up killing Oscar, leaving his body for the horrified Allyson to find.

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  • The Party: This is the pretty typical Halloween party, with the usual group of friends and students in attendance. However, the movie’s main character, Daniel, does not want to attend, but is ultimately persuaded to do so by Mr. Miyagi.

    The Guest List: The party is attended by almost all of the various students of the fictional high school, including both Danny and his crush, Ali. Unfortunately for them, the members of the villainous Cobra Kai dojo are also in attendance. 

    The Costumes: The highlight of the costume is Danny’s, as he is dressed as a shower (rendering him invisible to most of those in attendance at the party). For her part, Ali is dressed in a rather generic masquerade-type outfit, while those in Cobra Kai are dressed as skeletons. A number of fascinating costumes appear in the background, including someone dressed in a chicken suit and someone as Spider-Man.

    The Big Moment: The climax of this scene is the moment in which Danny sprays the members of Cobra Kai with water. Understandably, they become enraged with him as a result.

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    The Party: The party takes place at Chris Eisel’s house. It is, in fact, the only mention of the character, who doesn’t actually appear on-screen. 

    The Guest List: Since the event is one of the social events of the season, it is attended by many of the most popular students at North Shore High School. The house is filled virtually wall-to-wall by the number of guests. 

    The Costumes: There are a wide variety of costumes at this particular party. Cady dresses as an ex-wife (complete with bridal gown and fangs). Regina George dresses as a bunny, while Gretchen dresses as Catwoman, and Karen dresses as a mouse. Meanwhile Aaron Samuels, Cady’s love interest, dresses as a football player.  

    The Big Moment: The most important of the party occurs when Cady sees Regina kissing Aaron. This is what pushes Cady to want to get revenge on her.

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