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The All-Time Greatest Opening Credits In Movie History

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It feels like a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away that the full credits ran at the beginning - and not the end - of a film. In fact, George Lucas, the father of Star Wars, is generally credited with starting this trend. Up until the '70s, it was the norm to devote the opening minutes of a movie to the entire cast, crew, and studio particulars. These days, it's not uncommon to delay even the film's title to the very end. 

Movies are the result of hundreds and often thousands of people, and they all deserve their due credit - but it's also a lot of text to read. It's little surprise the bulk of this text was shifted to the back end of the reel. But when credits do appear in the beginning, filmmakers sometimes jazz them up by hiring animators to design a movie's opening credits. Other title sequences eschew animation in favor of more physical mediums, or unorthodox presentations. 

Compiled below are some of the best movie title sequences of all time. We're not talking about the best scenes that open a movie, we're talking about credits that are works of art in themselves. Vote up your favorites below.