The Best Movie Sequels Ever Made

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What are the best movie sequels ever made? This list includes several of the greatest movies of all time, and they all have one thing in common: they were film number two in a series. Which good sequel do you believe deserves the top spot? Which movie is arguably the best in the franchise? Vote for your favorites, vote down any sequels you didn't like and feel free to add any films that might be missing - though remember, this is a list of second films, so no "Part III's" please. You can also re-rank this movie list in any order you choose.

It's really, really hard to argue that The Godfather Part II shouldn't be at the top, or at the very least, near the top of this list. It's one of only a handful of sequels to receive an Academy Award Best Picture nomination (it won, in 1974, by the way). The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers also received a Best Picture nomination, though it did not win (the third installment in the series, did). This is proof that just because a film is a sequel, it can also be among the very best Oscar-winning movies.

Some of the best sequels, not surprisingly, are also among the best superhero movies ever made. Among them: The Dark KnightSpider-Man 2 and X2. Other notable movies worth a mention (and a spot on this list) include Superman IIIron Man 2, and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Disagree? Vote them down. To each, his (or her) own!

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