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The Most Unbelievable Movie Tie-In Music Videos

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There was a time, not too long ago, when seemingly every blockbuster movie was accompanied by a single and music video from a high-profile artist. These movie tie-in videos featured celebrity cameos, giant budgets, and radio-ready songs vaguely related to the movies they were promoting. It's hard to believe now, but music videos were huge, and the likes of MTV and VH1 were happy to play these five-minute videos that were commercials for films.

Then the internet happened. As music money drained from music videos, our attention spans began to fall away. There was an amazing time during the '80s and '90s when music videos and corporate synergy were both in their heyday. Some brilliant execs combined movies and music videos for cross promotion, and these beauties were born.

Whether it's a star/musician profitably showing off their musical chops (Looking at you, Will Smith and LL Cool J), or an actor trying their hand at music (Tom Hanks rapping), or even someone using their music talent for a first movie (Eminem winning an Oscar), these are the most ridiculous music video tie-ins to famous movies. Vote up the most insane and unbelievable examples of this bygone trend below.

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    'Ninja Rap'

    Video: YouTube

    Vanilla Ice - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    People don't necessarily remember Vanilla Ice was at the top of the rap game for a short time. They also don't always remember the stories of Suge dangling him off a balcony. But they do remember the Ninja Rap.

    Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!

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    'Howard The Duck'

    Video: YouTube

    Cherry Bomb - Howard the Duck

    Lea Thompson singing, a talking grumpy Marvel duck, and an appearance by Tim Robbins.. This is everything the world needs right now.

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    'Lose Yourself'

    Video: YouTube

    Eminem - 8 Mile

    A music video starring Eminem for a song written by Eminem, which was the breakout single for the movie starring Eminem based on the life of Eminem.

    The song won Eminem an Oscar.

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  • Video: YouTube

    Queen - Highlander

    Few mainstream musicians have influenced movie music more than Queen. In this deliciously cheesy video, Connor MacLeod himself, Christopher Lambert, joins the band on a rooftop to kick off their epically epic Highlander theme.
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