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The 14 Most Memorable Movie And TV Romances Between Humans And Aquatic Creatures

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As the saying goes, "love finds a way." However, when that love exists between a human and an aquatic creature, things can get a bit complicated.

Science fiction and fantasy genres like to push the romantic envelope, exploring the limits of cross-species and supernatural affection. Whether based on a mermaid fairy tale or an amphibious humanoid monster or a comic book superhero, movies and television shows that portray these pulpy liaisons range in tone from serious to campy.

The screen couples on this list are hindered by flippers, enemies, gills, scales, magic, or each other. Some are guided by lust, others by love, a few by loneliness, and even one by dreams. Which underwater romance rises above the rest? Which seems the fishiest? And which water-reliant entity would you be unable to resist?

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