The Best Movie Villains Of 2022

The best 2022 movie villains come in all shapes and sizes. There are old-school horror movie villains like Leatherface on the list that get a facelift in the most recent reboot of the franchise and there are comic book villains like the Riddler that a far more darker visage than we've been used to in the past. Be warned that items on this list could be considered SPOILERS, so if you're concerned about that, we recommend proceeding with caution. You might even recognize Sebastian Stan in a couple villainous entries on this list as he plays the villain in multiple female forward 2022 films. Now it's time to determine the best movie villain of 2022 by voting up the ones you found to be delightfully evil.

There are plenty of more 2022 villains to look forward to throughout this year. Be sure to vote up your favorites, be they new or familiar faces. Then check back as new villains are added to the list when their movies are released in theaters or on streaming platforms such as Netflix.

  • Steve/Brendan From 'Fresh'
    Photo: Hulu

    Steve/Brendan From 'Fresh'

    Have you ever wanted to meet the perfect guy? Sebastian Stan's character from Fresh might make you rethink that notion. While everyone deserves to find their best possible match, Steve perverts the search for a charismatic partner to serve his very literal meat market of young women.

  • Nick Fowler From 'The 355'
    Photo: Universal Pictures

    Nick Fowler From 'The 355'

    This might be a bit of a SPOILER for some fans but if you're familiar with the genre, you know there are going to be some turncoats in a spy-thriller. Sebastian Stan plays the role to perfection. He's affable until he's not but that doesn't mean he won't get "his" in the end.

  • Gorr the God Butcher
    Photo: user uploaded image

    Gorr the God Butcher

    If there are two things Christian Bale can do, its be creepy and yet sympathetic. As Gorr, we feel for Bale as he loses his daughter due to the carelessness of the Gods. That rage manifests as a desire to kill every higher being he can get his sword through. A nice dark contrast to the zany antics of the rest of the movie, Gorr the God Butcher is the perfect villain for Thor: Love & Thunder. 

  • The Grabber
    Photo: Universal Pictures

    The Grabber

    Ethan Hawke is no stranger to horror films and his role as The Grabber in The Black Phone is among his best performances. With that being said, Hawke fans will swoon and horror fans will be satisfied by this faithful adaptation of Joe Hill's source material. 

  • The Riddler From 'The Batman'
    Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

    Paul Dano's Riddler is far less comedic than previous appearances on the silver screen. Part crusader against corruption and part serial killer, This Riddler conjures up images of John Doe from Se7en, a correlation that seems to be far from accidental.

  • Ghostface From 'Scream'
    Photo: Paramount Pictures

    Ghostface is the reaper in the requel that we didn't know we all wanted. As the most meta horror film franchise there is, Scream gives us another well crafted opportunity to try and find out who hides behind the mask before it's ultimately revealed to us.