The Best Movies About A First Love Experience

When it comes to first love, everyone has a different experience. Some people find their first love in high school, while others find them later in life. Some people are lucky enough to have a first love that lasts a lifetime, while others might only experience it for a brief moment. In any case, you'll fall head over heals for these new and classic movies about falling in love for the first time. The best movies about young love or puppy love span across genres and decades, some end happily and others finish with a first heartbreak. Which means you'll find new and classic movies about a first romance on this list.

No matter what your own personal experience with first love is, there are bound to be some great movies out there that capture the essence of what it feels like. Here are some of the best movies about first love experiences. But which one deserves to be in the top spot? You can help decide by voting up your favorites. You can also vote down the first love movies that you've seen and think other fans should skip. Thanks to streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, Netlfix, and Apple TV+ you can start streaming most of these movies right away.

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