The Best Movies About Bands

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There’s nothing better than the combination of music and a movie! This list features some of the best movies ever made about our favorite bands, whether based on a real group or a fictional band. Music impacts us in ways nothing else in the world can and the life of musicians intrigues many movie goers. So it makes sense that many films about bands are so popular! But what are the best movies about bands?

If you’ve ever wanted to unleash your inner rock star, the movies on this list are just what you're looking for. Most of us dream about being a rock star or a singer from the time we’re kids. We sing into hairbrushes imagining that we’re standing on a stage in front of hundreds of adoring fans, and we regularly shred on the air guitar. The movies on this list range from having a comedies, dramas, and even the occasional romance.

This list has the best band movies, including: Rock Star, The Doors, School of Rock, and The Runaways. Vote up your favorite band movies, down vote the ones you wish you could boo. Check back for new band movies as they are added to the list.

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