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List Rules Movies about bands and musical groups, real or fictional. No documentaries.

There’s nothing better than the combination of music and a movie! This list features some of the best movies ever made about our favorite bands, whether based on a real group or a fictional band. Music impacts us in ways nothing else in the world can and the life of musicians intrigues many movie goers. So it makes sense that many films about bands are so popular! But what are the best movies about bands?
If you’ve ever wanted to unleash your inner rock star, the movies on this list are just what you're looking for. Most of us dream about being a rock star or a singer from the time we’re kids. We sing into hairbrushes imagining that we’re standing on a stage in front of hundreds of adoring fans, and we regularly shred on the air guitar. The movies on this list range from having a comedies, dramas, documentaries, and even the occasional romance.
This list has the best band movies, including: Rock Star, The Doors, School of Rock, and The Runaways. Vote up your favorite band movies, down vote the ones you wish you could boo, or add one you love that isn't already on the list.
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Almost Famous Zooey Deschanel, Kate Hudson, Anna Paquin

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This Is Spinal Tap Billy Crystal, Fran Drescher, Anjelica Huston

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but chickens double d added A Hard Day's Night Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison

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The Blues Brothers Carrie Fisher, Aretha Franklin, Steven Spielberg

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The Doors Meg Ryan, Val Kilmer, Kelly Hu

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School of Rock Sarah Silverman, Jack Black, Miranda Cosgrove

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That Thing You Do! Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks, Liv Tyler

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GARDENOAKSCOC added Ray Kerry Washington, Jamie Foxx, Terrence Howard

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kingbee63 added The Commitments Andrea Corr, Colm Meaney, Maria Doyle Kennedy

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kingbee63 added The Kids Are Alright Pete Townshend, Keith Moon, Roger Daltrey - The Who

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Powerslave added Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny Amy Adams, Amy Poehler, Ben Stiller

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Walk the Line Reese Witherspoon, Joaquin Phoenix, Ginnifer Goodwin

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clash1977 added Eddie and the Cruisers Tom Berenger, Ellen Barkin, Joe Pantoliano

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Rock 'n' Roll High School Clint Howard, Dick Miller, Mary Woronov

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The Runaways Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Tatum O'Neal

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drewdorrance added Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Anna Kendrick, Chris Evans, Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Rock Star Jennifer Aniston, Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Hunter

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Airheads Adam Sandler, Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi

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Sid and Nancy Courtney Love, Gary Oldman, Kathy Burke

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Let It Be Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr

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The Glenn Miller Story James Stewart, Louis Armstrong, Marion Ross

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Help! Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison

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but chickens double d added Sound City Ralph William Tarr

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melaniaj added Velvet Goldmine Christian Bale, Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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looksharp added U2: Rattle and Hum B.B. King, The Edge, Larry Mullen

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Detroit Rock City Emmanuelle Chriqui, Edward Furlong, Gene Simmons

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FreddyLobo added Control Samantha Morton, Toby Kebbell, Alexandra Lara

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Powerslave added It Might Get Loud Michael McKean

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punksnotdead added A Band Called Death

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Joe Hanratty added The Song Remains the Same Jimmy Page, John Bonham, John Paul Jones

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cdchris added Light of Day Michael J. Fox, Joan Jett, Gena Rowlands - 1987 - Michael J. Fox, Joan Jett, Gena Rowlands, Michael McKean

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but chickens double d added Pearl Jam Twenty Adam Sandler, Michael J. Anderson, Vicky Tiu Liu

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Gimme Shelter Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger

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cdchris added Still Crazy Billy Connolly, Bill Nighy, Timothy Spall - 1998 - Stephen Rea, Billy Connolly, Jimmy Nail, Timothy Spall

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Yellow Submarine Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison

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Arlz Bibble McCabe added Queen of the Damned Aaliyah, Lena Olin, Paul McGann

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Crazy Heart Colin Farrell, Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhaal

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The Rocker Emma Stone, Bradley Cooper, Christina Applegate

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Rock Around the Clock Alan Freed, Tony Martinez, Freddie Bell

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Dreamgirls Beyoncé Knowles, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx

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grfarinelli added Nowhere Boy Kristin Scott Thomas, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, David Morrissey

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Shine a Light Bruce Willis, Benicio del Toro, Michael Gross

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The Damned: Don't You Wish Tha... is listed (or ranked) 44 on the list The Best Movies About Bands
punksnotdead added The Damned: Don't You Wish That We Were Dead Gaye Advert, Fred Armisen, Roger Armstrong

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We Who Wait: The Adverts & TV ... is listed (or ranked) 45 on the list The Best Movies About Bands
punksnotdead added We Who Wait: The Adverts & TV Smith T.V. Smith, Gaye Advert, Howard Pickup

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punksnotdead added Killing Bono Krysten Ritter, Ben Barnes, Pete Postlethwaite

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punksnotdead added Cha Cha Nina Hagen, Lene Lovich

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Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story Kristen Wiig, Jack Black, Odette Annable

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punksnotdead added The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle Sid Vicious, John Lydon, Steve Jones

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looksharp added Bring on the Night Sting, Branford Marsalis, Omar Hakim