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The Best Movies About Blindness  

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List Rules Movies about blindness and people who are blind.

Some of the most inspirational movies out there take a detailed look at the tragic events that happen in a person’s life and the inspirational ways they overcame them. For some people and films, this means the life a of a blind person. What are the best movies about blindness?
The movies featured on this list range from being inspired by true events to following the lives of completely fictional characters. They also span many genres of film, from comedy to drama, to romance. No matter what your interest in watching a movie about blindness is there’s sure to be one you’ll love on this list.
This list has the best movies about blindness, including: At First Sight, The Book of Eli, The Color of Paradise, Dancer in the Dark, Going Blind, Hellen Keller In Her Story, and The Light that Failed. Vote up your favorite movie about blindness below or add one you love that isnt' already on the list.
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Antoine is a 2008 film directed by Laura Bari.
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Xu Qing, Huang Lei, Zhongyuan Liu
Life on a String is a 1991 Chinese film by acclaimed film director Chen Kaige. Made before his international breakthrough Farewell, My Concubine, Life on a String is a more intimate and ...more
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BillMcVay added Kevin Spacey, Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder
See No Evil, Hear No Evil is a 1989 American comedy film directed by Arthur Hiller. The film stars Richard Pryor as a blind man and Gene Wilder as a deaf man who work together to thwart a trio ...more
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Helen Keller, Katharine Cornell
Helen Keller in Her Story is an American biographical documentary about Helen Keller made in 1954. It won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 1955. It starred Helen Keller and used ...more
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comicspies1 added Jim Backus
When Magoo Flew is a 1954 animated short produced by UPA for Columbia Pictures. Directed by Pete Burness and produced by Stephen Bosustow, When Magoo Flew won the 1955 Academy Award for Short ...more
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comicspies1 added Magoo's Puddle Jumper Jim Backus
Magoo's Puddle Jumper is a 1956 animated short produced by UPA for Columbia Pictures. Directed by Pete Burness and produced by Stephen Bosustow, Magoo's Puddle Jumper won the 1957 Academy Award ...more
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Lena Fujii, Ami Suzuki, Yū Aoi
Rainbow Song is a 2006 Japanese film by director Naoto Kumazawa and produced by Shunji Iwai. Kumazawa had worked with Iwai before, having directed the making-of documentary for Swallowtail
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Hossein Mahjoub, Kamal Mirkarimi, Behzad Rafi
The Color of Paradise, is a 1999 Iranian film directed by Majid Majidi.
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The Light That Failed is a novel by Rudyard Kipling that was first published in 1890 in Lippincott's Monthly Magazine dated January 1891. Most of the novel is set in London, but many important ...more