The Best Movies About Bullying

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Movies that feature a bully or are about bullying

There's cyber (online) bullying, physical bullying, playground bullying, and that creepy kid from The Christmas Story. All-in-all there is no shortage of movies about bullying in high school and teen bullying movies. Bullies are, sadly, incredibly common. So common, that they are a common character type in many feature films. What are the best movies about bullying? The films on the list below are all about bullying, based on bullying or have bullying in them, they are not movies that only have a scene with a bully. Not onlythat but these good films about bullying are ranked by movies lovers like yourself.

Some of the movies on this list feature more of a fictional, innocent type of bully that makes us laugh, while others dramatize the tragic real-life events of a person who has been the victim of a violent crime that started as an act of bullying.

Movies like Carrie can also be seen as anti bullying movies but which bullying film is the best? Vote for your favorite movie about a bully or add one that isn't already on the list.

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