Powerful Movies About Child Abuse

Child abuse and domestic violence have steadily increased throughout the years, and sadly it is a common problem in many American homes. There are a number of movies out there that take a detailed, and sometimes graphic approach to the topic of child abuse. While some of the movies on this list are fictional, others are completely based on a real-life story and abusive relationships. The films on this list are the best movies that look at the issue of an abused child, often at the hands of abusive parents.

There’s nothing better than a movie that discusses a true event that happened in a person’s life, detailing the way they overcame the odds that were stacked against them and rose to the challenges before them. Movies like The Blind Side and Antwone Fisher capture the true stories of child abuse victims and their fight to overcome the pain and trauma that was left behind due to their home lives.

This list has the best child abuse movies, including: Precious, The Color Purple, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, One Missed Call, Mommy Dearest, This Boy’s Life, Once Were Warriors, The Girl Next Door, and Tideland.

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